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The top lead generation tools for 2023

This is the lead generation software that you will need to create your funnel.

Because you are trying to find, segment, contact and nurture future customers, you’re here. It’s exhausting to think about all the verbs required for establishing and maintaining a successful lead generation channel.

It only makes sense, then, to rely on lead generation software to help you with this hugely-important, potentially-distracting, and labor-intensive work. Although an off-the-shelf tool such as Salesforce or HubSpot is a good start, it won’t be enough. To cover all your bases, you will need a stack of lead gen tools: a set of tools that help you generate leads. You can then connect them all. This will give you a unique set of tools to help you generate leads for your business.

Continue reading to find out more about lead generation software that can help you find more prospects so you can concentrate on converting them.

The best lead generation software

  • HubSpot Lead Gen Forms and LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms are two examples of lead generation forms
  • Facebook and Google are advertising platforms
  • Carrd is a landing page builder
  • Intercom and Drift are two examples of live chat apps.
  • Chatbot builders such as Manychat and Chatfuel
  • Software for webinars such as Demio or BigMarker
  • Software for email marketing like Benchmark or Mailchimp
  • TextMagic, SimpleTexting and other SMS apps are available.
  • Calendly and SavvyCal are meeting schedulers.
  • Other tools for lead generation

HubSpot Lead Gen Forms and LinkedIn Lead Gen Formulas are two examples of lead gen forms.

There is no one way to capture leads. However, there are some things you should avoid. If you want to ensure that you are capturing the most important data, you can create your own lead generation forms. A custom lead generation form allows you to be focused on your prospects and saves you the time and effort of going through irrelevant data. There are many options to help you get the job done.

For WordPress users, Gravity Forms or WPForms are available.

You can create surveys and forms free of charge, or embed forms on your site with Typeform.

You might find form-building capabilities built into your CRM or marketing tool (think HubSpot).

Social media is home to some of the most effective lead generation methods. This is a form paid advertising (more later), but leads can give relevant information without leaving the platform where they are. Usually, the platform will fill in most of the info for them.

LinkedIn Lead Gen forms allows prospects to access a pre-filled form in their feed. It takes just two clicks and no typing to send their information. These forms can be used in many ways. Here are some examples.

TikTok Lead Generation works in a similar way: Your lead’s information can be auto-populated by TikTok or the lead adds additional details so that they can show interest without leaving their For You page.

Facebook lead ads are the exact same as on Instagram, but there are many strategies to engage prospects and increase your form response rates. Instagram lead ads are similar because they are owned by Meta.

Automate your lead gen forms

While forms can be used as a lead generation tool, they should not be the only thing you use. Once people fill out your forms, it is important to respond quickly. Automating your inbox is a great option if you find yourself constantly refreshing it at 3 AM every morning.

Integrating your entire tech stack with LinkedIn TikTok Facebook, Instagram Lead Ads, and Facebook allows you to get your lead details exactly where they are needed, without having to do any data management manually.

Automation can help keep your workflows running smoothly with easy tracking and analysis. This will allow you to stay on top of your prospects and provide valuable insights. This creates a seamless system of workflows that allows you to grow your business without worrying about data management.

Continue reading: These 3 workflows can transform a contact form into an effective business growth tool.

Facebook and Google are two examples of ad platforms.

Lead forms are the solution to one problem. You still need to drive traffic to those nimble, tailored, and conveniently-automated lead gen forms. One option is to sign spin on a street corner. It’s also a great exercise. To scale this appeal you will need to partner with larger advertisers.

Google Ads takes you virtually everywhere. It also offers flexibility through its Customer Match feature and offline conversion tracking.

Another great option is Facebook ads. You can create and distribute compelling content to your audience on an individual basis.

Here’s how the advertiser comparisons work. Still can’t decide? There are many other options available than the Big Two. Twitter, Reddit and a host more platforms are waiting to help spread the word.

Automate your ad tools

After you have chosen the perfect advertiser, it is still important to make sure that your message is delivered in a timely manner and targeted at the right prospects. Automation can be used to help manage your lead outreach, improve campaign management, and increase your ROI. This will allow you to concentrate on your core mission.

Send lead information automatically to your ad tools

Six ways to automate PPC campaigns

Increase your ROI with Zapier and Google Ads

Carrd is a landing page builder

Now you have reached out to your prospect and gained their attention. It’s time to think about what you want them to do. You never have a second chance to impress people, and a landing page (or lead generation website) is the digital equivalent of a smiling face and firm handshake.

Landing page lead generation, like advertising and lead gen forms, isn’t an all-inclusive strategy. Do you focus on mobile traffic? Are you selling products? Are you looking to increase your subscriber base. Perhaps it’s all of them. You don’t need to start from scratch, no matter what your needs are.

Zapier’s list of top landing page builders is worth a look.

Each app approaches it differently. Carrd, which offers lead generation software for free, is a great choice. It’s simple and free. Other tools focus on mobile-first lead generation landing page or sales pages.

Automate your landing page builder

Your follow-up tasks don’t need to take up too much of your attention once your leads have arrived. You can link your landing pages with your other apps using automation to let all your business-critical tasks run quietly.

Intercom and Drift are two examples of live chat apps.

Another key component of online lead generation is engaging prospects. A lead must write and send a query. Then they have to wait for their reply.

Intercom and Drift are live chat apps that allow you to communicate with your leads in real-time. Chatbots can be fully automated or personalized. You can choose to use built-in scoring and lead nurturing features or you can pick and choose the features that interest you.

These are Zapier’s top picks for live chat apps that can be used to sell.

No matter which app you use, you want to provide your leads with a chat experience that is as authentic, proactive, and dynamic as possible. A trip through an uncanny valley is more frustrating for leads than asking questions. You should also consider how chat conversations can be used as a way to boost your sales pipeline. To create a seamless sales experience, integrate features such as chat transfer, visitor routing and lead segmentation with other marketing applications.

Chatbot builders such as Manychat and Chatfuel

It is sometimes the best option to create your own bot. This is the best way to keep your business responsive and tailored to your needs. You might be thinking that this level of customization is beyond your budget and skill set.

These are the top chatbot builders anyone can use, no matter your level of skill.

Manychat and Chatfuel are the leaders, but there are many other options that can engage leads in the way that is most beneficial for your business. You’ll need to decide how much setup work you are willing to do, the number of bots that you will be using, and what kind of lead generation you want (email capture or segmentation, subscription creation, etc.). You might also want to ask your app questions.

Software for webinars such as Demio or BigMarker

However, even the most advanced chatbots will only get you so far when it comes down to engaging prospects. Your messaging is most effective when you are the one delivering it. Webinars and other promotional events can add a human touch to your message.

These are Zapier’s top picks for best webinar software for marketers.

You can use a variety apps like Demio and BigMarker to deliver your customized presentation to your audience, whether you are automating a built in option for your platform or streaming to multiple services. Don’t forget about repurposing your webinar content once you’re done.

Automate your webinar software

After the Q&A is over, it’s time to get on with the follow-up. Automate your webinar follow up to manage registrant data, followup with attendees, add guests to your marketing channel, and keep your other processes running smoothly.

Software for email marketing like Benchmark or Mailchimp

Email marketing is a great way to turn cold leads into warm leads once you have built your email list. Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for lead generation, as it tracks your prospects through the funnel.

Benchmark and Campaign Monitor offer email newsletter software that allows you to create dynamic templates and segment your contacts. You can also use analytics and reporting to get detailed insight into what is driving prospects. If you are just getting started in email marketing, there are some apps that can be downloaded for free.

Mailchimp and Flodesk allow you to send targeted messages at a time that is convenient for you. Drip campaigns are a cost-effective way to reach your leads with relevant and engaging messages.

Automate your email marketing

Automation can be used to re-engage cold leads and then nurture them from within your email marketing software. These are just a few suggestions to help you get started.

Four ways to automate email marketing for better communication

Automate your drip email app and take it to the next level

TextMagic and SimpleTexting are two examples of SMS apps that can be used for business purposes.

There is no better way to reach a moving target than SMS marketing. Mobile messaging connects leads right where they are: on their smartphones. TextMagic and SimpleTexting offer unique functionality, which is why they are so popular in SMS marketing. You can also have two-way conversations with prospects with seamless ease using SMS apps like TextMagic and SimpleTexting. You can choose between personal or automated responses.

Check out Zapier’s list for the top SMS apps for business.

Automate your SMS messaging

You won’t have to sacrifice any automation features you would get with a traditional marketing strategy by using an SMS messaging app. You can stay on top of upcoming events and communicate with your team via status updates. Automated replies allow you to be responsive 24/7/365. How to make the most of SMS messaging automation

Calendly and SavvyCal are meeting schedulers.

After your outreach has been successful, you can close the deal by meeting face-to-face. Are you looking for a mutually convenient date and time? It was not my idea.

Software can also simplify scheduling workflows. Calendly and SavvyCal allow you to manage your schedule in an easy way across multiple platforms and venues. These apps allow you to manage your calendar and set up video calls. You can also send follow-up emails and add reminders, so you are never left behind.

These are Zapier’s top picks for meeting planners.

Automate your meeting scheduling

Meeting schedulers can be integrated with other tools to simplify your workflows. Your CRM can be connected to your meeting planner for automatic contact management. You can confirm meetings, email conference links, or nurture leads with click-free follow up messaging. These are some scheduling automation workflows that make it easy to schedule meetings.

Additional lead-generating tools

To make your funnel work smoothly you will need to use a combination of these lead gen platforms. However, this is not an exhaustive list. It’s impossible to know where the best lead generation tool will be for your business so make sure you think outside of the box.

Consider video hosting as an example. To organize and track all the video content that you have created, you will need a place. YouTube is a great place to reach millions of people, but it is not the only way. Apps that simplify your life include analytics, team collaboration and SEO tools.

It is also possible to scale up your email outreach easily without feeling overwhelmed. SimilarWeb’s Chrome extension can help you to supercharge your inbox. You can research and qualify prospects and manage your email list. Personalize your follow up outreach to increase your email campaign’s ROI.

Maybe you are focusing on incremental, smaller growth steps. Sometimes, the best tool for lead generation isn’t digital. For small-scale marketing like farmer’s markets it doesn’t take a large digital footprint to get more leads.

How to choose the best lead generation tool

A collection of different lead generation platforms is the best software for lead generation. You should make your lead generation process unique. So, review the above categories and find out which apps are missing from your stack. Then, connect them all and automate the entire lead generation process.

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