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With our PPC Solutions you will have complete control over your paid search marketing with an immediate boost to your sales and a quick return on your investment (ROI).

Social Media Platforms We Cover

Facebook Ads

Social ad formats like images, videos, polls, and carousel ads can be used to generate interest in your brand and move potential customers through your sales funnel.

Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing ads for customers with high lifetime value are created by us, and site visitors who have already expressed a desire to buy are targeted by our team.

Google Ads

Improve your SEM targeting and use site link extensions to increase your PPC ad engagement rates with Chattertools in-depth PPC audits.

LinkedIn Ads

For B2B marketers, advertising on LinkedIn is an excellent way to increase the efficiency of their social media campaigns while also generating new sources of leads.

Twitter Ads

It is not uncommon for businesses, particularly those in the e-commerce industry, who use Twitter advertising to increase brand awareness and promote specific products for immediate sales.

Instagram Ads

Instagram advertising is very similar to Facebook advertising in terms of attracting followers and increasing brand engagements, with 1.07 billion active users worldwide.

Why Choose Us?

Pay per click advertising has established itself as one of the most successful and cost-effective methods of online marketing. Because of the flexibility of PPC advertising, businesses can better control how much money they spend on ads while still getting their products in front of potential customers at precisely the perfect moment.

Your customers’ buying journey is sped up and your conversion rate is increased thanks to pay per click marketing’s laser-targeted visibility.

Depending on your objectives, you can choose from a variety of pay per click ad types:

Search Ads
Display Ads
Social Ads
Remarketing Ads
Google Shopping Ads
In-stream Ads


One way your ads might be distributed to potential customers is through an advertising network. Networks that place ads on websites are called advertising networks, such as Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords). You'll need an ad network like Google Advertising, Facebook Ads, or Microsoft Advertising if you wish to produce PPC ads.

Your ad network budget is your ad expenditure, or advertising spend. If you're willing to spend money with ad networks, whether it's for a year or a month, then that's what you need to consider. The term "ad spend" is commonly used to describe a company's monthly ad expenditure.

Customers are twice as likely to buy a product or service when they click on an ad compared to site visitors who don't see an ad. With PPC ads, you can contact people who are actively looking to buy, which can have an immediate influence on your sales results.

What is your offer for a click on your ad in Pay-Per-Click (PPC)? It's possible that you'll pay less than what you bid, but you'll never pay more than what you bid.


Your PPC expenditures can also be influenced by your targeting, which includes keywords and demographics. Competitive keywords like "consumers insurance agency," for example, have a higher cost-per-click, which means that bidding on them can lead to greater costs (CPC).


In pay-per-click advertising, ad quality is important. Because ad networks like Google Adverts consider the quality and relevancy of ads, big businesses cannot spend to win in PPC. The costs of producing high-quality commercials are often less than those of producing low-quality ones.

Pay-per-click ads have different costs for different businesses and industries, as well as different advertising strategies. It is more common for smaller firms to pay between $500 and $1,000 per month. Your ad expenditure and other costs, such as PPC agency management, are all included in this price range.

Paid Advertising


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