11 Social Media Improvements to make under during Covid19.

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Social Media Improvements during Covid19 has changed pretty much everything, but you also need to communicate with your clients, prospects, partners and team leaders. And now more than ever, the easiest way to do so could be through social media.

Yet your daily social media approach, content, and cadence can’t just start. What does work is special. What the people want is something special.

To continue – maybe even boost – your social media performance during the pandemic, you have to make these 11 improvements to your social media.

1. Update Your Bios

If you have had a significant effect on your operations, your social media bios should reflect the fact. For instance, since all Best Buy stores in the U.S. are now pick-up only, their Twitter bio doesn’t relate to that fact. Also, if you have important updates for your followers, pinned posts on Twitter and Facebook, and highlights on Instagram are a good place to keep them up front and center.

2. Paying attention becomes trickier during such Pandemic

In moments like these, a potential customer service platform is everywhere you live on internet. Everywhere online, you simply need to extend your efforts to find, connect and address customers. In fact, more than half of the 500 attendees in our webinar said that since the Coronavirus outbreak, customer communication via social media has increased.

3. Always Post with a Reason

Now is not the time for meaningless posts sent because they are “due” according to the calendar of social media editorials. That’s not to suggest that you can’t be lighthearted or even funny. However, it does mean you need to carefully analyze WHY you’re posting on social media.

  • Who is this article meant for?
  • What does the audience entertain, inform, educate or profit from it?
  • Which specific change in action or change in thought are we trying to make with this post?

4. Make it all about individuals, not brands

It had been relevant before coronavirus, but right now it’s especially true: we care more about and trust people than we care about and trust corporations or organizations.

Every business and company is made up of an exceptional PEOPLE and now is the time to demonstrate that. To harness Social Media Improvements use people in your social media as much as you possibly can right now. Or better yet, put the spotlight on your clients!

5. Develop Influencer Advertising

On a related note, influencers and influencer marketing can be more successful than ever before. In times of confusion we depend upon people we trust and believe in, which is why a recent study showed a 75 percent increase in clicks on Instagram posts that contained #ad in the first two weeks of March. If you already have an influencer marketing plan, do not be afraid to turn it on right now. If you don’t have a program, it’s a great time to install one.

6. Make sure that your opinions are in perspective

Social distancing has changed a great many things in our expectations (and reality). It’s easy to rely on your brand imagery repository for social media, but you can inadvertently send a message that isn’t entirely acceptable in doing so.

7. Find new Formats and Publishing Hours

You know how you’ve tested and optimized over and over to find out what types of content on social media and window publishing work best for you? Well…..you should set that aside unfortunately.

While the use of social media in society as a whole is soaring during the pandemic, the life routines of people are being massively altered. Any commutes. No treadmill anyway. During the day, need to supervise the Zoom homework of your children. It’s all a tangled ball of yarn.

Additionally, we ‘re also seeing major shifts as to what functions, and as it works.

We’re seeing a huge increase in engagement rates for video posts within our community of large clients (not a statistically valid survey but directional), but an even greater increase for posts that do not contain some kind of photo, video, or connection.

Therefore, the “right” time to post before covid19 became the most unwanted guest in the world was 10 am for our financial services clients – as just one example. And now? 22pm. In reality, we’re seeing a pretty strong trend towards increasingly effective mid- to late-night posts during the pandemic as people catch up after dinner on social media and maybe after the cherubs go to bed.

8. Recalculate The Paid Social Networking Observations to increment Social Media Improvements

The story is almost the same for paid ads on the social web.

SocialBaker data shows that social advertising cost per click and CPM is dropping, as more and more advertisers are stopping their campaigns.

Around the same time, there is also a decrease in overall click-through rates for social ads, which means that less costly ads (yay) do not work (boo).


And at the same time we see clients having remarkable success with paid social media advertising in specific markets, more so than in those good pre-pandemic ole days.

In summary, much as with your organic social media, whatever equation you’ve used to work out your ad budget is most likely meaningless to the borderline right now. You have to retry all the data and estimates accordingly to gain social media improvements.

9. Elongate The Sales Funnel

Maybe customers just now don’t want (or can’t) buy from you. But that doesn’t mean they’re not searching for inspiration and knowledge.

Seek to become The industry’s Pinterest. How do you show past clients and how they use their goods and services? How will you help your clients and prospects, when they are allowed to do so, think about what and how they can do to you? For example, this is a perfect opportunity for travel organizations to let people dream and stay motivated towards the future.

But for all groups, it can be a great approach to social media content to help customers build “wish lists” during quarantine.

10. Reconfigure The Winners

You have already earned content on social media. This could have been from last month. Perhaps just last year. Perhaps it is a large piece of content like a study or a series of videos.

One of the best ways of achieving social success right now is to dissect, reuse and reprint those winners (assuming the material is still relevant, and conceptually appropriate).

11. Rely on Trying to help, not Trying to sell

Several customers asked us whether they should “stop selling” now. And while our response differs somewhat by industry, we can usually tell you this: Helping Beats Selling Overt promotional campaigns right now can be tough sledding. But if you can support your prospects, they will respect you and you will be rewarded.

And if that’s the foundation of your social media-to help-then you’re in great shape if you sell a little along the way.

Finishing up:

In some respects, being in charge of social media in your company or organization can be tougher than ever. But that may never be a more critical task, too. You should keep connecting and encouraging and teaching, and support your audiences. To do so you actually need to make some adjustments. We wish you great success in this journey and we hope that this is only a short-term scenario.

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