How to Make a Customer Acquisition Funnel Template?

Businesses that are committed to long-term growth will find it essential to improve customer acquisition funnel and retention. While there are many strategies to help you attract new customers, the customer acquisition funnel template is the most effective.

Although customer acquisition may seem more costly these days, that doesn’t necessarily mean that attracting new customers must be expensive. A strong strategy will ensure that your marketing budget is not exhausted and new customers are attracted to you brand.

This article will explain what a customer acquisition channel is, why it’s important, how to make one, and what each stage looks like.

What is a customer acquisition channel?

Customer acquisition refers to the process by which new customers or clients are brought to your business. A customer acquisition funnel assists customers in this process.

The funnel encourages prospects to engage your business. It takes them through multiple stages until they reach the end: making a purchase or building brand loyalty. Some prospects will fall short if the process is not well-designed. You can reduce those numbers by creating a customer acquisition funnel. This will convert more prospects into customers, and increase your marketing budget.

You can visualize the customer journey by creating a customer acquisition funnel. Different customers may view your products and services in a different way. Your goal should be to understand their journey from interaction with you brand to purchase.

Why is a customer acquisition funnel necessary?

This customer acquisition funnel is a framework that helps you track and monitor how effective your process of attracting customers and keeping them there. It also allows you to make adjustments to the process to improve it. This will allow you to attract, engage and convert customers with minimal effort and ongoing expenditure.

You can get insights into customer behavior and thoughts by mapping or visualizing the customer journey. This will give you an indication of when and why customers are more likely to purchase your product or service. The purchasing process is divided into several stages:

  • Recognizing your needs and wants
  • Looking for information?
  • Evaluation of choices
  • Purchase
  • Post-purchase evaluation

Your leads will likely go through the same thought process as this:

  1. From not knowing you have a need, to actually need it
  2. They decide they need it. But there is uncertainty about whether your brand is the right one.
  3. Confirming they trust you but not knowing what to do next
  4. Before you make the purchase, consider the cost.

An effective customer acquisition funnel will prevent prospects from losing their way as they progress through each stage. This is true for leads that are passed from the marketing team to the sales team and then on to the customer service department. This will reduce the likelihood of miscommunication and make it less likely that data is lost.

What happens at each stage of the funnel?

Your customer acquisition funnel starts with lead generation. This is the beginning of your funnel. The lead acquisition stage is the middle of your funnel, while lead conversion is the final stage.

It looks like this:

Stage 1: Lead generation: Your brand and products are made more visible to the prospect.

Stage 2: Lead acquisition: Prospects begin to interact with you, consider your products and decide if they are worth their investment.

Stage 3 – Lead conversion: A prospect converts to a customer when they make the decision to purchase your products or services.

Converting your leads is the final stage in your funnel. This can be the most difficult part. Because customers have different preferences and respond differently to different cues, this is why it can be the most difficult part of your funnel. It is important to develop targeted and individualized methods to convince prospects to become customers.

Lead scoring is a great way to speed up this process. It involves ranking prospects according to the value they bring to your business. You would assign points (or values) to each lead you generate. Scores are determined by attributes like the information they provide and how they interact with your brand. This helps your marketing and sales teams to priorities leads and develop effective responses and closing strategies to maximize conversions.

How to create a template for customer acquisition?

It is important to think about the following things when creating a customer acquisition funnel.

  • How your teams prioritize leads
  • How to nurture prospects
  • What prospect actions are most likely lead to a sale?
  • How long does it take for your sales team to approach prospects (via lead scoring)
  • What is the length of the sales cycle?
  • What metrics are most effective to move prospects between stages?
  • How and when leads are handed to sales teams by your marketing team
  • Plans for customer onboarding

Let’s look at a customer acquisition template that works.

Chattertools customer acquisition funnel Blog Image

This example shows the three major customer journey stages: Awareness (consideration), consideration (decision). These stages are as follows:

Visit: A lead visits your company via one of your channels. Social media, email, website, and phone

Lead: Your marketing team selects the visitor who expresses an interest.

MQL: Based on lead intelligence (e.g. Lead scoring)

SQL: The prospect is qualified by your sales team as a potential client based on their target audience and the prospect’s pain points or interests.

Opportunity: After passing the qualification criteria, the lead becomes an opportunity. The prospect is offered a trial or demo free of charge, as well as a discount or targeted offer by the sales team.

Customer: A prospect purchases and becomes a loyal client

You can design your funnel according to your business needs using various visualizations and the appropriate frameworks. You might connect a compelling cause to your product offering to encourage people to sign up for your mailing list. Leads might be offered educational information free of charge that relates to their areas of interest. This could encourage them to concentrate on a particular product or service.

No matter how big or small your business is, customer acquisition will always be crucial. Market to new customers is a constant task. A customer acquisition funnel is one way to maximize this.

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