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Marketing funnels are divided into three sections that require commitment and time to guide customers along the buyer’s journey. Your bottom-of-funnel strategies will help you turn leads into customers.

Marketing funnel is often used to describe the process of turning leads into customers.

This funnel shows the various stages a prospect goes through, from the moment they hear about your brand to the point when they become a customer.

You can guide your prospects through the funnel by providing the right content at the right time in their buyer’s journey. This will increase your conversions.

Why is the bottom-of funnel so demanding when it’s not a stage where customers can be reached?

Which strategies are the most effective in planning your bottom-of funnel strategies? Why is it important that you invest in your marketing funnel’s bottom?

This article will answer these questions and give you the best content formats for converting customers to your marketing strategies.

What is Bottom-of Funnel marketing?

The importance of investing in the Bottom Funnel

Five Bottom-of-Funnel Strategies to Increase Conversions

Ideas for Bottom-of-Funnel Content

What is Bottom-of Funnel marketing?

Marketing at the bottom of the funnel is the last step in the marketing process. There are three main stages to the marketing funnel:


This is the awareness stage in the buyer’s journey. Your audiences are now becoming more aware of your brand, and what you have to offer them.


This is the consideration stage of buyer’s journey. It is where buyers start to learn about you and your brand.


This is the final stage of your buyer’s journey. Here, your customers are making final decisions before deciding which brand to become a customer and purchase from.

Every stage of the marketing funnel is crucial in converting a lead to a customer.

Your funnel’s final stage is the most narrow. The funnel’s final stage, the bottom, is where those who have decided to not buy from you are gone. There are only a few qualified leads left that are nearing their final decision.

Marketing success is dependent on nurturing those leads and helping them convert into customers.

There are however challenges you will face. Audiences at this stage need specific, detailed content to address their final questions about your brand.

You can lose highly-qualified audiences if your bottom-of-funnel strategy isn’t optimized before they make a decision.

To help your leads to conversion, you must be problem-aware, solution-focused, and accessible.

Rocking Lead Generation

Investing in the Lower Funnel is Important

The final stage of a buyer decision requires that your marketing funnel be well planned.

This is your last chance to impress prospects before they make a decision.

To win the sale, you are often fighting against your competitors and don’t have enough time to convince them.

The first two stages of a marketing funnel are also affected by your lower funnel efforts. It can feel as though your previous efforts didn’t matter if you don’t close the deal at one stage of the funnel.

This can reduce your ROI on top and middle-of funnel activities, decrease morale of your team, and make it difficult to concentrate on lead generation strategies.

What is the Bottom-of-Funnel?

If you’re able to succeed in bottom-of the funnel marketing tactics, it is possible to develop a lead nurturing strategy that guides new leads through buyer’s journeys and converts them into loyal customers.

Marketing at the bottom of the funnel is more like selling than other parts.

This stage is where you can give hard pushes to make a choice, offer limited-time offers, and go into detail about your brand’s products or services.

Audiences will only be able to buy if they are given the right marketing strategies at the bottom of their funnel.

It doesn’t take much to win that last argument when combined with top-of the-funnel or middle-of funnel marketing strategies.

Five Bottom-of-Funnel Strategies to Increase Conversions

Let’s now understand the importance of bottom-of-funnel strategies to market your brand. Let’s look at some tactics that can be used to increase conversions, seal the deal and maximize your marketing budget.

1. Provide detailed product comparisons

Although it can be difficult to highlight the weaknesses of your competitors in the initial stages of your marketing funnel, this can make you appear unhelpful and aggressive. However, your final decision stage is the perfect time for your leads to compare products or services.

“Product A vs. “Product A vs. SEO keywords for Brand B are great because they can be used to help you get organic traffic.

You must be careful not to create a page of bullying that is perceived negatively by your audience.

Instead, think about what makes your brand, products and services unique and what makes you stand out.

2. Use Promo Codes to Get Special Discounts

Sometimes, leads may need some extra assistance before making the decision to become customers.

Promo codes and special discounts can be used to encourage customers to sign up for your company’s services.

You can be sure that customers will appreciate the money-saving offers, regardless of whether it’s a one-time discount or a promo code that never expires.

If your product delivers as promised, you can bring the customer back at full price.

3. Sales team members are given hand leads

Marketing at the bottom of your funnel is an excellent place to improve sales and marketing communications.

A salesperson might be able to help a lead that is at the end of their marketing funnel but still has questions or concerns.

Without having to create an entire blog post or infographic, your sales team can provide one-on-one attention and address specific concerns and questions.

This helps to create a better collaboration and seamless transition between internal sales and marketing personnel.

4. Give detailed use cases and testimonials to your audience

A lead is faced with difficult decisions when they reach the end of their buyer journey.

It doesn’t matter if your products and services are more expensive or less costly, it is still a financial commitment from the customer.

This can be a problem for leads, especially if they’re new to your solutions.

You can use case studies to show how your products or solutions have helped a customer or solved their problems.

This helps your leads to picture themselves as the customer before them and see how your brand can help them solve their problems.

You can give testimonials to your audience to show what your customers think of your brand.

A powerful case study and a testimonial from a customer are two of the best ways to convince a lead to buy.

5. Create a powerful pricing page

Your pricing page can be a powerful conversion tool that can have a significant impact on your bottom-of-funnel marketing efforts.

Your customers will be able to see what they get when they buy your brand on a pricing page.

This will help them to understand how to budget for products and services, as well as give them assurance about the payment they will receive.

Your pricing page should be simple to read and honest about the pricing.

A clear call to action is also important, since the pricing page might be the last thing that leads look at before they make their final call.

Ideas for Bottom-of-Funnel Content

You now have a better understanding of the strategies that will help you increase your bottom-of-funnel results. This will allow you to plan your strategies more effectively.

You will also need the correct content formats. Below is a list with some of the most effective content formats and ideas for bottom-of-funnel strategies in marketing.

  • Case studies
  • Comparison pages for product and service
  • Testimonials
  • Webinars
  • Videos in detail
  • Product demos
  • Trials are free
  • Discounts and promo codes
  • Paid advertising
  • Pricing page

Your bottom-of-funnel tactics are the last step in pushing leads through your funnel to become loyal customers of your brand.

Spending the time to create content that is high-value will increase your conversion rates and optimize your marketing process.

Check out our quick assessment to learn more about the marketing channel and how you can create content that resonates at each stage.

You’ll find everything you need about creating a solid content foundation and how you can make your content shine.

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