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Today understanding Brand growth, consumers have the ability to interact with advertisements, brands and social profiles that they like. If they are interested in a product or service, they’ll seek out interaction which gives businesses the opportunity to connect with them and establish a long-lasting, loyal relationship.

To establish authentic connections with your customers you should consider the creation of a community that customers can join for exclusive engaging, educational and enjoyable interactions. The creation of an online community that is centered around your brand will aid in building your brand’s community, generate more sales leads and help grow your business.

We’ll discuss ways to create an online community for brands and discuss the advantages of having strong brand connections and customer relations.

Did you Have Any Idea?

Your brand name can communicate your brand’s identity to your customers. To make a strong brand name focus on simplicity and ensure that no one else uses it, and think about your company’s future expansion.

How do you create a brand-related community?

The development of a community and a following can significantly increase your chances in assisting you to transform leads into customers with ease. Your loyal customers will be happy to hear about new events and products and help you in your efforts. A community enhances brand loyalty by creating strong emotional bonds as well as customer loyalty and positive reviews from customers.

Here are seven strategies to build a brand’s community, both online and offline.

  1. Create a Facebook group that will help build an online community for brands.

The creation of a Facebook group for your business is a fantastic way to establish strong relationships with your followers, boost engagement, and also promote your goods and services.

Begin group discussions to determine precisely what your members are seeking and what problems they’re trying solve. provide valuable suggestions. Your participants will feel as if they’re part a special group, where they will be able to access an abundance of information.

If you gather members with the same interests and goals Engagement will be high. There will be many participants in discussions, sharing ideas and advice, creating a community atmosphere that attracts followers on a daily basis.


Create the Facebook Live Q&A session to connect with your followers and enhance your brand.

  1. Send out newsletters to create an audience for your brand.

Perhaps, you’ve been building your list of email subscribers since sending out email newsletters is an effective method to build relationships and establish an online community for your brand. Utilize newsletters to communicate your brand’s story and provide exclusive content and create stronger relationships with your customers.

If you are able to provide your subscribers with interesting and useful content via a monthly newsletter and they’ll be counting down each day until next is delivered to their inbox.

  1. Build authority online to create a brand-related community.

If you’d like your business to be recognized then you need to increase the online visibility for your company’s name. Instead of looking for new customers, prospective customers will look you up for your expertise in the industry.

Make yourself an industry expert through sharing your expertise via blog posts, establishing a YouTube channel that is branded and creating expert postings on social media.

Being a reputable expert in your field doesn’t depend on your followership it’s about trust. People will trust you when you offer useful information that can help them resolve a problem or shows them how to accomplish something. Your audience will consist of loyal members who appreciate your advice, opinions and information.

  1. Face-to-face networking to create an identity community.

Face-to face networking is another efficient method to create a sense of community around your business. Meet people who are in person through attending workshops, conferences and gatherings. Networking can bring numerous benefits, such as raising your profile, increasing confidence, and building real-world friendships.

Meetup app is a fantastic method to arrange events in your area with professionals. It is possible to find local meetups that are that is related to your field or organize your own and invite your desired group of attendees.

When we get to meet people face-to-face and we get the impression that we’ve got to know them better. If you let other people discover who you really are and build an authentic personal brand and create a community of people who are like-minded to you that whom you are able to easily connect with in the future.

Did you Have Any Idea?

To create a brand identity that is appealing to the younger generations create the logo as well as images of your brand carefully, and then create a unifying voice for your brand and communicate your personality.

  1. Organize events to build an audience for your brand.

If you’re operating a brick-and-mortar establishment, you can host events that are interesting to your customers. These could be educational in nature like seminars, lectures or classes. It is also possible to organize events or even getaways.

For instance, Williams Sonoma holds in-store events such as cookbook launch events, book signings, culinary classes, bridal registry parties and festive events. Each year, the resort company Sandals organizes a series of events for bloggers, their spouses and families on vacation without cost.

In-person events add value for your customers and allow your staff to connect with them individually without having to try to convince them of something. These personal interactions enhance the emotional connection that customers feel to your brand.

  1. Encourage UGC to establish a brand-related community.

User-generated material (UGC) includes photos video clips and written material your customers share. Reviews are a type of UGC and when users improve their reviews by adding images and videos and photos, they are even more effective. If Amazon requests customers to respond to the questions of other customers regarding the product, it’s an illustration of UGC.

UGC can help your brand in a variety of ways:

  • UGC is an extremely reliable marketing method because it is sourced directly from the customers.
  • UGC illustrates how your product is used and helps potential buyers visualize themselves using the product too.
  • UGC helps customers who contribute feel as if they are part of a larger community and that their contribution is appreciated.
  • UGC is completely free, allowing you to save money from marketing budgets for other initiatives.

Invite customers to share images and videos of their purchases which they purchased, and then include the content on your social media pages and your website. You can enhance the fun by organizing a contest regarding the item’s most innovative use or new product concepts. Lays made this happen by asking customers’ suggestions for new flavors of chips and bag designs during its “Do us a flavor” campaign.

The Bottom Line

It is also possible to create trust in your brand by using marketing videos which tell your company’s story, feature testimonials from customers and highlight your business.

  1. Set up a loyalty program with an element of VIP to create an online community for your brand.

Customers love receiving reward points for their purchases and so make sure you have an incentive program for loyalty in place. The loyalty program is a way to make shopping more fun and encourages customers to purchase more in order to earn reward points or progress into the next stage. These programs can also help customers feel valued as part of a group.

The majority of businesses have customers that account for an enormous part of their revenues. They are “super customers” must be treated with greater care and be given greater privileges due to how important they are to the company. You can make them feel valued with special deals and early access to new products, and invitations to special occasions.

What is the benefit of creating an effective community of brand advocates?

The benefits of having a solid brand community are innumerable. The creation of a community for brands creates an ecosystem of organic growth that can be leveraged in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • A brand’s community is ready-to-buy buyers: If you create enough interest within your community, whenever you introduce a new item or service it will have a buyer base that is eager to purchase.
  • A brand’s community builds emotional bonds: Customers who feel that they are a valued member of an online group are likely to purchase and refer you to friends.
  • A community of brands increases the loyalty of your brand: When a person purchases from you and becoming part of your community, you become an integral part of the identity of a client leaving you to the competition becomes impossible (think iPhone users).
  • The brand’s community can provide an easy way to gather market intelligence: A market research strategy is easier when you have a community of brands because there is an organic method to interact with your customers and identify their needs as well as their feedback and issues.
  • A community of brands promotes customer retention Building a strong community can create confidence in your customers, which increases the likelihood of long-term customer retention.
  • A community for brands will improve your image: A brand community is a clever method to differentiate yourself from the rest and present your company as one which is interested in creating connections and giving back to the community. The community will also safeguard your reputation when you face unwarranted criticism.

Examples of strategies for community building that work

LEGO is an amazing example of a company which has created a vibrant brand community. Through the creation of sites such as LEGO Ideas as well as LUGNET, LEGO has cultivated the system of connecting with its customers to increase engagement and also collects valuable feedback from its customers.

  • LEGO Ideas LEGO Ideas an online platform where fans can vote on their top ideas for LEGO designs. The designs that receive the most votes will end with a launch. It’s a great method to test concepts and help the customers feel more involved with the process of developing.
  • LUGNET It’s an internet-based message board on which hardcore LEGO fans can interact and share ideas. While it’s not an official fan-created site, LEGO has been vocal about gathering data from user engagement, and making use of it to inform the development of new products. This is an ingenuous and cost-effective method of recognizing customers of the brand and demonstrate that they are valued and appreciated.

Other examples of brand communities include:

  • Sephora Beauty Insider: Sephora Beauty Insider began as an incentive program for customers. But the retailer stepped up its game by establishing its own community online where customers with a passion for beauty can post photos sharing tips on beauty and support each other in issues related to beauty. There are specific communities within the community that focus on the subject and allows users to post reviews and post them within the community. It has over 5.5 million active members.
  • Rust-Oleum Rust Oleum boasts a committed brand community that revolves about its protection paints and coatings. It provides customers with an opportunity to talk about their latest DIY projects, and get feedback from other members, and receive advice when they face issues. It also includes interviews with the most loyal customers, as well as photos which show that it is concerned about its customers.

The community you belong to is an incredible source

Building your brand growth with community building

Incorporating brand-building strategies into your marketing strategy can help build a strong community that is populated by loyal clients. Make sure you remain professional with your posts and communications to avoid appearing “Spammy.” Making value to the customers you serve should be the primary goal. Your customers could even become brand ambassadors as well as a campaign to promote your brand which will benefit your business for a long time to in the future.

Contact us today for helping you build your online community that will help you grow your Brand reputation and trust across multiple platforms for increasing revenue flow.

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