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What SEO Trends Should Recruiters Be Aware Of in 2021?

What SEO Trends Should Recruiters Be Aware Of in 2021?

As a recruiter, it’s important to keep in mind that SEO is constantly evolving. For online success, you need to keep up with Google’s frequent algorithm changes.

It’s a good idea to keep up with SEO trends for 2021 because the rules are always changing. Having an idea of what to expect this year will help you devise more effective strategies that will yield better results.

Some of the most important things to know about search engine optimization (SEO) as of 2021:

1. Search intent and demand can be manipulated.

SEO relies heavily on a thorough understanding of searcher intent. You can better understand what motivates job seekers and employers to conduct specific search queries in order to provide them with more relevant content and a better online experience.

Search intent and demand are more dynamic than previously thought, according to a recent study. Because of the ongoing pandemic, search volume and interest in a particular query could rise or fall almost instantly. In addition, Google has learned to quickly adjust its search results to match user intent.

That being the case, what exactly does this mean? Search intent and demand are more “volatile” than expected, so you’ll need to make some adjustments to your SEO strategy in order to get better results. Among them:

Rather than concentrating all of your marketing efforts on a single channel, you should use a variety of online channels.

Knowing how to take advantage of opportunities and finding a new one when there are none is a key component of being a flexible person.

Observing and adapting your search strategy to user preferences.

Google Trends can help you identify topics that are popular and relevant to your clientele by keeping an eye on what people are searching for.

2. Local SEO plays a larger role in your success.

Many small and medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom were affected by the global pandemic. Many business owners learned to be inventive in order to stay afloat during lockdowns and social restrictions.

To keep in touch with your clients despite the various social restrictions in place, you should optimize your recruitment site for local SEO, which is one of the biggest SEO trends of 2021. If you haven’t already done so, claim your Google My Business page. If you already have a GMB page, make sure it is optimized to the fullest extent possible. Don’t forget to include all of the necessary information about your staffing firm, such as your contact information and hours of operation.

You can also use the new GMB features to enhance the appearance of your listing. Included are the following:

Panels with phone numbers can be found throughout the app.

Hours of operation can be entered here.

On-line Appointment field

3. Artificial intelligence has a greater impact on SEO

We can expect a greater role for artificial intelligence (AI) in search engine optimization (SEO). Machine learning has been an important part of Google’s core algorithm since the introduction of RankBrain a couple of years ago. Greg Corrado, a senior Google scientist and one of the developers of RankBrain, revealed in a previous interview that the AI algorithm has a unique ability to identify people’s search habits. Moreover, this ability is only likely to improve in the future.

It’s only natural that your recruitment site is optimized for RankBrain, as AI is becoming a more significant factor in Google’s search ranking algorithm. To do this, you can:

Enhancing the overall experience of the user.

Providing interesting, useful, and well-structured content to readers.

Making your website more user-friendly.

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular.

Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are just some of the voice-activated innovations that have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Consequently, many experts believe that voice search will become more widespread in the coming years, affecting a larger percentage of all search queries.

According to a study published in 2017, 55% of households will have a smart speaker by 2022. That’s why it’s critical that your hiring website is ready for one of the most important SEO trends of 2021:

The use of the word “question” and other words with natural sounding meanings

Take into account the keywords that you want your site to be ranked for. Longer and more natural-sounding keywords are a good place to start because most people in everyday conversations tend to use them. As an alternative, you can use search terms that are phrased in a question-like manner.

Consider, for example, that you’re aiming for the phrase “engineering jobs.” You can search for “engineering jobs in Northampton” in a traditional search. To optimize for voice search, you can use the following phrase: “Where can I find Northampton engineering job listings?”

As a second step, reorganize your website’s content.

Make the necessary adjustments to your website’s content so that voice searches can better find your job postings. Adding question-and-answer content to your website is a good idea. FAQs (frequently asked questions) can be included in your service or employment pages because they contain question keywords.

It’s time to step up your SEO game in 2021!

In order to keep your recruitment site competitive in today’s SEO-driven market, you need to stay on top of the latest SEO trends. As a result, you should keep tabs on the most recent SEO developments to ensure that you’re always on top of the latest threats.

Your recruitment site needs traffic and leads, but you don’t know how to get them. In order to ensure the growth and success of your recruitment business, Recruitment Traffic can help with SEO and Google Ads services. Let us help you with your online marketing strategy by contacting us today.

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