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Legal Disclaimer by Chattertools

You should be aware that Chattertools cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or validity of any content you download or link to from our site. Customers are solely responsible if they choose to visit any linked content.

We will not accept any claims from our clients regarding data loss or failure. We also do not wish to get involved in these kinds of disputes. In addition, there are also claims that cover data that is accidentally or unintentionally lost. While browsing our site, we are not liable for any damage to your computer system. In the event of any user’s allegation of such loss, we shall not be held responsible.

For the provision of services, we may engage into an agreement with our Client. No one else will be able to make a claim based on our agreement with our clients. Furthermore, other information and conditions on our website do not imply any kind of warranty or exactness.

Customers are solely responsible for the content they put on their own website. Any copyright violations that may arise on the client’s website will not be our responsibility. We will not be held responsible for any data loss that occurs as a result of human error, whether the cause is direct or indirect.

For this reason, we have SEO programmes that are subject to algorithmic shifts. Other circumstances, such as network outages that are beyond our control, could also have an adverse effect on how well a website performs in search engine results. As a result, the User accepts the possibility of positive or negative outcomes as a result of factors beyond our control.

Chattertools is not responsible for any technical issues that may affect the performance of our services on the client’s website or system.

SEO, Web design and development, social media marketing, graphic design, and paid advertising will be the primary focus of our business. And so that we can provide a broad range of Information technology services.

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