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Why fluctuations in Google Search for new websites

Why fluctuations in Google Search for new websites

As you develop your new website you may notice that there are fluctuations in google for few days. You may not know the actual reason behind it.

According to Google’s John Mueller whenever new content has been a publisher you may experience fluctuations in Google.

Unfortunately, rank fluctuations are always a natural part of Search Engine Optimization.

This might be similar to that of any changes just like weather changes but if you can closely observe your website for a particular number of days or weeks or months then you find the results constantly starts adjusting and changing by themselves.

Perhaps this is not unusual for the fluctuations to occur which could last up to one or two weeks after you publish new content in your website.

It often requires serious attention. So now you are going to clearly understand why your new website keeps on fluctuating in Google.

What to expect in ranking fluctuation?

There are a few things that you may even experience when your website is getting fluctuated in terms of Google.

So now let us know about each in detail.

  • As soon as you rank top in the Google page then your fluctuations will be balanced where you can sustain for a long time.
  • You may even experience more fluctuations even in the top results especially when there is a temporal topic or result.
  • If you look at the search results then you are more likely to notice the fluctuations and this is the time to expect more fluctuations as well.
  • You may experience more fluctuation, especially in the lower down results on average when compared with that of any other higher results.
  • Therefore the fluctuation depends upon ranking however if you rank high then there are no fluctuations at all.

So what to do?

Even after experiencing more fluctuations you may not know what to do or how to resolve it.

So here are a few things that you need to do in order to minimize fluctuations in Google.

It is never advised to freak out. Most of the people often commit a mistake getting panicked and it is highly recommended never to arbitrarily change your tactics.

Therefore you need to know the actual reason behind it and work on it to eliminate fracture patients completely.

Well, this may not happen instantly but you should wait patiently wait for sometime as time passes you make it seem exact results.

  • It is also essential to consider your own fluctuations with other competitors. So depending upon your competitors you can even set yourself free from fluctuations.
  • Perhaps you can even try and then compare your rank with the traffic. So increase if you hit your ranking on a particular day then you will definitely have a constant ranking.
  • Refresh your content on the website and keep it updated. You need to ensure that your content is always the refreshed at least once and here. If you keep on updating then there are maximum chances to minimize the fluctuations. Whenever your content gets stale or no longer relevant, then you might experience more and more fluctuations. So the only thing you need to do is to keep on updating your content to differentiate yourself from the competitors.
  • You can even use the week as your time limit, therefore, it becomes easy for you to calculate at least four to six weeks of ranking before it could actually start freaking out.

Reasons why new website fluctuate in Google

Basically, there are many reasons that demonstrate why your new content or a website starts fractured.

Find Right Resolution

If you could know the reasons then it will be very easy for you to find the right solution and maintained stability.

  • Change in the urls

When the URL of your website changes then it will have equal change on your website. This will, in turn, causes massive fluctuations in terms of Google.

If you consider this in terms of Google it is not very simple to change your URL at all. Google will consider it as a new page with new content be uploaded which may sometimes even make it disappeared.

However, Google requires some time to know what is happening whether it is a new site or an updated one.

It is even essential to redirect your URL properly and implement changes as needed. Furthermore, the changes in your URL should be in such a way that they should add value to the domain which should not affect your website.

Alternatively, you can even try using white hat SEO as they are more likely to give you a better position.

  • Starting or stopping advertisements

If you run any paid advertisements then they are likely to affect the fluctuations in Google.

Moreover, it is never advised to take up many ads as this may overload your website.

Also be cautious especially with some of the bad congruence between ad and landing page which will have a negative impact.

On the other hand, choosing good advertisements can really help in boosting up your traffic.

Therefore it is good to differentiate between the types of ADS and choose them selectively.

You have to be more concentrated especially when you are starting or stopping a particular ad which can have lots of impact on your site.

  • Sudden Competition

If there is any sudden change in the competition then it may even lead to fluctuations. If suppose a particular website build links to their site then they may even take the spot you held.

In the same way if you Google for a particular word then you might find lots of results related to it.

Each of the results has its own website which might even be your competitors.

As the number of pages increases, you naturally tend to experience more and more fluctuations.

  • Natural Google fluctuations

If you are ranked no in terms of Google then there is maximum volatility. There are chances even when you are in the top position you may fluctuate.

You might even get back to the second or third position and get to the first within a day or two.

However, this may have an adverse effect on traffic which could be implied that you are stable in the top of your results of the page.

  • The effect of negative SEO

If you are encountered with the negative effect of SEO then you are more likely to experience lots of fluctuations.

It will perhaps take some time for Google to identify the negative SEO effects and work accordingly.

This will have a sudden change in the fluctuations and that could also impact the ranking of your new website.

Therefore it is highly recommended to keep yourself away from the negative effects of Search Engine Optimization.

Even this might be due to some spammers who are more interested to affect your website.

  • The algorithm was updated

Every year Google starts updating its algorithm. So we have been experiencing constant changes in the algorithm in order to achieve better results.

Even though they are small changes they have a huge impact on your website which results in fluctuations.

We come to know this only about the biggest updates done by Google whereas the small updates go on without getting noticed.

if You may not be even available to know about the algorithm that has been updated recently.

  • update your content
Google content Update

You might always have an idea that fresh content improves ranking which is the main reason for you to get updated on a regular basis.

This is perhaps the best way to keep fresh content alive which can also be a better way to connect with people.

While doing so you might experience lots of situations. Making changes in Google will re-index the page and we calculate its position thereby leading it to fluctuate a lot.

  • Your website is new

As you are working on a new website there are maximum chances to fluctuate to and fro. As you keep on adding new content and developing links then you find authority in the eye of Google.

But it is really hard and difficult to create authority. Once created, then it is very easy to maintain minimized fluctuations.

  • Temporal interest

If you consider some websites as they often have high seasonal traffic. For example, Black Friday sale is said to be dominant for most of the Year which gains its strength especially before a week or two.

This is called a sudden change in the traffic, which can even make you prepare for its circumstances.

Therefore, this is termed as a temporary interest trend that allows you to be more conscious.

If you can know this in advance, then you can easily balance the outcome of it. The temporal interest Trends may come and go which can be truly predictable.

But you may not actually know when it will come to an end, which is leading as one of the essential reasons for your new website to fluctuate in Google.

  • Link Audits
Google search algorithem

The link audits are considered as essential bad points for the search engine.

Basically, each and every element of Search Engine Optimization is constructed depending upon the link audit.

Even this could be one of the reasons behind you are a website to fluctuate.

Whenever you perform any link audit and make changes then your website is re-evaluated.

If you remove the bad links then it can boost your ranking but if good links are removed unknowingly then will affect google very badly.

  • Competition in terms of ranking

The competition that you get associated with ranking also has an effect on fluctuations.

You might even experience floating until and unless the ranking has attained stability.

Even a sudden new competitor can also have an impact on your new website.

You will be surprised to know that there are thousands of websites launching every day which makes fluctuations common in terms of Google.

Therefore you need to change your stuff and keep on improving as well as buffer yourself against the competitors.

  • If there are bad quality links

Making use of disavowing tool introduced by Google you can very quickly identify bad quality links and then remove them.

The intention of this story is to keep your website away from the bad link.

As the number of bad quality links increases you are going to experience negative value which significantly affects your a ranking.

So this could be one of the reason for the fluctuations to occur.

  • Change in the trend

We are often experiencing a change in trend that’s been a common factor these days.

Even a small change in the topic can have a huge impact on its ranking and may give it top position.

Your content with low volume keyword can have stability but search traffic leaves Google fresh data that can be used in order to figure out your site which uses would always like to prefer.

What you should do in order to achieve abnormal fluctuation

By now you might be thinking how to achieve constant fluctuations.

This is in fact not as easy as you think but you should undergo lots of processes and wait for some days in order to see stability.

If in case you are working with an SEO company then it is essential to directly consult them.

Because a well-reputed company often knows how to deal with more fluctuations.

Then you can follow as per the instructions and eliminate situations.

Alternatively, if you are doing your own SEO then it is essential to determine whether it is an algorithmic pattern or a manual penalty.

If it is an algorithmic penalty then you are more likely to experience ranking drop with constant results in search pages.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with manual penalties then your website is removed from SERPs completely.

Comparatively algorithmic penalties a bit more obscure since you do not know what is happening.

By doing so you can really achieve abnormal fluctuations.

How to react to fluctuations

All of a sudden you may not know how to react when your new website fluctuates in Google.

Firstly it is essential to know the reasons behind the fluctuation.

Then you need to investigate the amount of fluctuation as this will help in exploring the reasons that led to this cause.

This might even be due to temporary change which can even be set automatically.

Therefore it is essential to know the reason first and then act accordingly.

You can even check with your competitors as this will help in giving you a basic idea regarding the punctuation happening on your website.

If it is the same case with your competitors then you can consider it to be a normal issue.

Alternatively, if it happens only for your website then you need to act immediately.

It is essential to implement exact SEO tactics and be consistent and patient with those changes to take effect immediately.

You can even implement the following strategies which will help in getting you out of the problem.

  1. You can simply make use of internal linking which will help in maintaining balanced fluctuations.
  2. The speed of the website is also essential therefore it is good to have an eye on it. If in case your website is too slow then the visitors might prefer going to another website. This indicates that your website is not worthy for the visitors.
  3. It is essential to counterbalance a decline by building appropriate links. The search engine will find your website if it is having links at an abnormal rate.

Is fluctuation a serious problem?

If you observe rankings are falling at a very fast rate within a short range of time then you need to consider it as a serious issue.

For example, if you are ranked on top 3 but in case your new website has suddenly dropped to 30 or 50 pages then it’s time for you to act immediately.

This is one of the biggest indications that fluctuations in Google might have considered it as a serious devious and devalued your links within days.

But there is nothing to get panicked instead focus on your content marketing as well as technical SEO strategies as they will set everything right.

Moreover, you can even review and then revise your plan as this will help in maintaining stable fluctuations.


Well, every new a website of and experiences fluctuations.

It is too good to be true that situations are more common, especially with Google and it is appropriate to consider worthy to take a low term view on the ranking.

You need not to worry about these fluctuations in Google as they keep on changing if you can start implementing a few things.

But it may take some time to completely avoid fluctuations. The only thing you need to do is to implement various things and be patient.

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