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Why do I need to revamp or update my website?

Why do I need to revamp or update my website?

It is important to revamp or update your website after every 3 to 4 years as by that time there might have been many changes with the design elements, call to action buttons, layout options, the website may have bugs or errors hampering the upload time that may need attention. Hence it is imperative to get the website checked for these inconsistencies or improve upon the overall design after every 3 to 4 years to keep abreast of time.

Why there is need to update website to rank in SERP 

A lot has changed in this world and it has all become possible because of this thing called internet. No one would have imagined that a small project called ARPANET would turn into such a big thing called internet. Internet is a big thing. It has opened pathways for so many new things and there are endless possibilities for everyone on internet.

Business and websites 

With the changing times websites have become more and more popular. With the changing technology and new innovations things have changed significantly.

A lot of people love to run their business online and website is an essential thing for business. For enhancing the effectiveness of the business, a really good and well maintained website is really necessary. So we will discuss what makes a website good and what are the parameters of it.

Website updation 

Every person do not know anything. There are always some subtle things we tend to miss and these things are important and significant.

Majority of people know website updation is necessary. For running a business successfully updated website is a major need.

Now the question arises what is need of updating the website. Let us discuss this in detail in the upcoming crumb of writing.

Why website updation? 

This is a really important question and this question must be dealt with because it is the best thing to best with. There are a lot of reasons why one should update his or her website. Let us talk about the key points.

  • For running business successfully. A great entrepreneur understands the need of a great and updated website. These days so many businesses depend on websites and these websites that is why must always remain updated. Check out the websites of successful businesses. The websites are always up to date and in return also keeps the business up to date.
  • First impression. We all understand first impression is the last impression. The same may be the case with your website. People visit websites and check out different things. But people always check the appearance of website.

If people like the design or the appearance of the website then automatically more and more people will visit your website. That is why everything needs to be organized and well planned. It can only happen if the person running the website also always look to update the website.

  • Making the website flawless. There is obviously a definition of flawless in case of websites here. With the changing trends a lot of people these days use mobile phones than their personal computers.

So in that case if your website is not updated and it is not mobile friendly then you are trouble and your website is also in trouble. The person running the website must understand what is responsive web design. Making your website mobile friendly and responsive is one of the most important things and if you have not updated your website in a while then you might not be aware of all these things. So, proper updation is also necessary in this case.

  • Web standards and coding. The person running the website needs to understand these things in a good way because these are really important. Is the website currently meeting the basic web standards and is your coding valid. Because as we said a lot of things have changed with time.

Nowadays different coding standards are used and things like different web technologies are coming into the play. So if one is running his or her website on the obsolete coding then trouble is inevitable. The answer to the question of how to design a web site in a better way is that coding standards need to be changed and it will only happen when you will update your website. So updation of website becomes really necessary here as well.

  • Pictures. If you are not updating your website then probably you are doing your work with stock pictures. That is not good at all. All the timely updated websites use updated pictures because it helps the website to develop in a great way. This thing must be understood very clearly. It is an important point. There is a need to use updated pictures so that your website run smoothly.
  • Advertisement purpose. Everytime we see the advertised websites run in a better way. This is all because of the marketing techniques used to advertise these websites. But one thing must be understood that the updated websites are always advertised always in a better and great way. So for marketing purposes updating of the website becomes necessary.
  • Content. This is a very important point. People visit websites for information about particular things. That is why content of the website becomes really necessary. Updated content is really necessary. A updated website would always contain updated content which is really important. People come for content and if the content is not up to date then traffic will automatically decrease on your website and this thing will severely hurt your website. So keep your website updated with updated content.
  • Speed of the website. Loading time of the website is an important thing to consider here. If the loading time of your website is not at par then people will leave your website in minimal amount of time. So check out the time of loading time of your website. If it is not at par then update your website by keeping the check on the things which are making your website slow.
  • Hacking. These days hacking has become a nuisance. Hackers hack the websites and these things happen because of security reasons. There are flaws in websites which lead to hacking like activities. If website is updated with proper security measures then chances of website getting hacked reduce significantly.


So one thing is crystal clear that there are a lot of reasons for getting your website updated and these are all important.  Updated website brings a lot of perks along with it. Everything remains in check and for proper organization of the website updation is really helpful. So it is really really important and must be done on regular basis of better results related to your website.

The world is changing dramatically towards getting digitized and there are so many updates coming up on a daily basis, I am not saying that all these updates are relevant to your business however there may be some which may directly or indirectly affect the way you do your business online.

It is in the best practices to give yearly maintenance contracts to the website builders so that if any such updates come up these experts know when and how to update your website for getting the best result online, but if your website has not been updated since more than 3 years let us check your website and give you a free website audit pointing out the things that needs to get fixed. In some cases it may be advisable to completely rebuild a new website if the cost of fixing the website is too high and requires the same man hours as building a new one.

I hope this article clears out any doubts you may have towards fixing your website after a certain period of time and is the best interest of your online presence.

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