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Which is the best Platform for SEO: Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Hubspot

Which is the best Platform for SEO: Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Hubspot

The 5 most commonly used SEO sites

  1. WordPress

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WordPress is an open-source or in other words free of the cost content management mechanism tool. It is based upon the MySQL and PHP characteristics. This incorporates a template and a plugin architecture. The major association of WordPress is with blogging. Hence extends support to various types of web content and to design a web page. This may mainly comprise of conventional lists of mailing, online stores, forums, media galleries. It is hence preferred by nearly 50+ million websites. This falls under the 10 million sites of April 2k18. This makes the WordPress most renowned and trusted management system if websites which are in use and trending. It has been utilized by major application domains such as (PDS)pervasive display systems.

  1. Squarespace

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Squarespace is an American based software firm which extends its software support in form of website building, hosting and service. The Squarespace sticks to the inbuilt templates of websites which includes elements in form of drag and drop templates to fabricate websites.

It has got a huge variety of pre-designed templates along with the pre-designed drag and drop tools which could be used in website building. These tools enhance the images and text inserted which is then sold to the end users. The instructions are so clear and transparent that even a person with basic computer knowledge may be able to optimize and create a website for himself using the pre-installed tools available.

  1. Wix

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Wix is something which showed up a little while ago. It is an Israeli cloud-based platform for web development. It permits its users to fabricate websites and mobile websites in HTML5 format. It does this with the help of online drag and drop tools. The end users may be able to get a website created for themselves for an electronic commerce, online marketing, community forums, social plugins, email marketing. This all can be achieved with the help of Wix and other outsourced applications.

  1. Weebly

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Weebly is a website creation tool considered by over 45+ million users. It is because of its efficiency that the users count in heavy numbers. It enables users to create websites for making web pages for e-commerce purpose. This also extends support combined marketing for the entrepreneurs looking for a one-stop shop suitable for every purpose. It being creative and efficient in nature is the reason why it has been used by nearly 45 million users around the globe.

  1. Hubspot

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Hubspot is a creator and generator of software spin-off for infiltrating sales and marketing. The software products and services catered and aimed to supply mechanism for social media marketing (SMM), web analytics, content management and (SEO) search engine optimization. The tools available extends support for various web analytics, landing pages, (SEO) search engine optimization, content marketing and social media marketing (SMM). It provides reference services for online marketing strategies. It markets its infiltrating concepts of marketing through its very own source.

The above mentioned are some of the tops of line SEO options which may be taken into consideration by various marketing websites for better visibility.

So let us talk about the facts and figures without any further ado. Nowadays the SEO web designs are measured by the SEO scores by the various CMS platforms. So the most preferred websites rank roughly according to

The figures mentioned below

  • Wix SEO = 23/39
  • HubSpot COS = 37/39
  • Weebly SEO = 21/39
  • WordPress SEO = 39/39
  • Squarespace SEO = 29/39

So as we all can see that the Squarespace despite having tons of features, it somewhere fall short of the SEO characteristics without which it can be really difficult to survive.

The discontinuity for Squarespace is as follows

  • StructuredSchema data support
  • Link anchor text
  • Content silos
  • On-page SEO scoring
  • Concentrated keyword identification
  • Breadcrumbs

It won’t make much of a difference to the newcomers. But the above-mentioned gaps are some vital factors which play a great role of significance who do a lot of up and down on the internet. They are very much dependent to pull up traffic, sales which lead to conversions.

Weebly and fix falls short on the Squarespace gaps of SEO but they still lack the below-mentioned features

  • XML sitemaps
  • txt files
  • txt files
  • Canonical links
  • Control over or proper usage of H1 headers

Worsening the situation more on top of that here comes WIX.

  • A fact that may be not known by a large chunk of the online makers is that the Wix restricts the users to make any alterations in the layout of the pre-designed
  • The users for making any new alteration might have to force himself to leave that page and go and start working on a fresh one.

I guess this makes us feel like living in the Stone Age, which is not possible and makes no sense in this digital and modern era. Hence leaving us confused what to do next?

Then comes Weebly, it is very handy and easy to use but still falls short on some below-mentioned parameters

  • Blog tags
  • CDN option
  • AMP support
  • Image alt text
  • Subheader control

On the contrary, it is very easy to get an overview of not having AMP support and image alt text to include subheaders is quite astonishing.

So coming back to Hubspot COS now this was shocking that Hubspot has something to surprise us all. The SEO features and functionality has a lot with which opening doors to magnified possibilities is attainable.


Even if we exclude the SEO which is the prime element of the subject, WIX and Weebly are some tools with which a lot can do. The best part is that they both help in creating websites which appear to be eye-catching, and attractive these days is what the crowd goes mad about. On the other hand, we can’t exclude WordPress as the 50000+ plugins can extremely appealing in nature while on the other hand doing its part smoothly and efficiently.

For the individual who is new to the website hood. WIX and Weebly may steal the show for him. As being very customizable in nature they are an ideal choice for the first time website owners. But for those who are always looking for something more to add upon they can go for WordPress or Squarespace as these both provide some really advanced features which might extend the support for pulling traffic with help of SEO

While on the contrary if we pay attention to HubSpot COS it is rather very expensive to which WordPress stands as a viable option to go with. So if you are still wondering what is so in web design the above content will help you come across various facts, figures which may help you to come to a final decision

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