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Web Development Trends for 2019

Web Development Trends for 2019

Web Development Trends for 2019: What’s In Demand?


The world wide web since the start when Tim Berners scribbled the cypher it has been the core reason of transformation in the world where we reside. It does not matter in the slightest in the world where basically person does belong to, it is highly probable to sense its effect.

Intentionally or unintentionally the websites on the web are what it showcases a person and his brand on the internet. This, in turn, has transformed the web development industry a thriving one and we are about to uncover the trends of web development in the coming year. Whenever an individual goes online which is very frequent in this digital era it is observed that there is an extensive variety of websites

That is the online spokesperson of the organization or individual running them. When seen together by the professional web developers and in some instances by the people who own these websites. These days the web pages are created very differently. It is observed that small sites that have a handful site pages and a very little quantity of information

Such sites are created by people who work from their comfort zones/workplace. And are slightly trained on how to code and develop things on their own. Then there are people who own a fully customized and well build website by giants all across the world. The sites which appear more professional have massive databases behind the scenes. However while talking with respect to these two there is something that can be discovered once an individual enters cyberspace.

Web Development Trends

1. Ever-Present Push alerts

Nowadays the push notifications are started turning more and more related. Here what began as an uncomplicated method to provoke the web user to respond has transformed now to something even greater than that. According to the professionals and experts, it is one of the most welcomed web development trends in automation of technology. There is hardly anyone among the masses that may deny the fact of going to a webpage and on the top left or right side there is a dialogue box. It says “allow notifications” to authorize the site to send notifications. This is what we call “push notification”

Anyways it is very convenient for mobile devices and allows a user to grab an extra edge in the competition of an era where internet rules. For setting it up on the site an individual can do it by 2 methods. Signing up for a focused platform like Push crew to enable push notifications
Getting a WordPress plugin like one signal is an efficient plugin to enable push notifications

2. Continuous web applications that are backed with Angularjs

Web pages which a person may come across in the present day tend to be more lively. There is available an extensive variety of options which a person can use while being on the website. Angular js plays the most important role as it has the potential to let HTML push to new limits. On top of that, it has just been the normal web applications which do not stand up to the mark to impress anyone or so. The only thing which has taken the edge at the moment is the continuous applications.

If it so that this is the first time you have come across such an article and completely new to the web development hood it is slightly twisted with respect to understanding the concept at first hand. Nevermind it is neither rocket science either. The web applications these days are quicker heavily fortified and designed to increase the usage of the application. Hence there is no need of jumping on the Google play store to grasp the benefits of these applications.

3. Committed mobile-compatible layouts

We live in a digital era. Hence each one of us has one or multiple mobiles. Having a heavy count compared to the computer. This is not new that has occurred. As mobile devices are much more compact and convenient to use devices. This is the reason why designing and developing sites that look presentable on the mobile phones have taken such a great pace. So the web development for the web for the desktop is at ease. Accordingly, it will see a drastic change this coming year. So it will be more unfavourable as the web developer’s of desktop sites need to focus on what more could be done to improve the designs of these websites.

4. Composition (Typography)

It is a known fact that the major chunk of the content of the web is none other than text format. Comparably more than videos on YouTube, podcasts and audio files on a media site with respect to any form of data on any website. On the other hand, it is completely dependent on the individual on how he makes the text appear for the frequent visitors of the website is the most significant thing to be considered. Hence it falls under the umbrella of Typography. Here a large number of fonts are available which a person can use. Hence improving the overall appearance of the text on any site better.

5. Generating Pages with Elements

The area of operation for web design and development is now at ease when they have stuck with handful components. Therefore it does not matter if a person has a slight or no information on how to code, he can still successfully generate a web page. It is possible due to the elements which are there present on the contemporary management mechanisms or layouts. A person just needs to select an element and drop to the websites mix. However, it is highly probable this coming year a WordPress user may get the most stable update of Gutenberg. So laying out the pages together to get pleasant webpages just with a few and easy drag and drops and you are good to go.

6. Welcome the New Chatbots

No doubt that Live chat stands as the most liked attributes which a web page has. It is most basically well renowned where the nature of the business is consulting or customer service. Nevertheless, it does something more than that. Machine learning and AI are the reason for the Chatbots to become even smarter in the near future. As we all know that AI is the foreseeable future of the world not more 30 years later.

Wrapping Up

The coming year is no doubt going to be incredible for the trends of the web development industry. There is a high probability that the tools will be much efficient and highly effective with which the sites are created.

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