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Web designing trends 2019 | Best website designing company in Vadodara.

Web designing trends 2019 | Best website designing company in Vadodara.


It is something very difficult to ingest but it is not hoax as we are moving towards a world which will be using more internet. And on the other hand will also have a greater dependability on sites and various portals.

There has been a phenomenal growth and has transformed over a period of time to be precise in the last decade. What we are breathing in, is an era where mobile is the most preferred electronic device and internet is the medium of communication between an individual and an organizational body (firm). The technological developments over the years is as follows:-

1. VR

2. AMP

3. AR

4. AI and so on.

These all terms may possibly excite any individual who is crazy about websites and web designs which is directly related to the latest web designs. So with the help of chattertools.com the best web designing company in Vadodara discuss some latest trends in web designing.

The Chronicle

Over the few years the design trends have moved at a crazy pace with respect to the incredible creativity while minimizing the grids and conventional stock pictures for engaging graphics and animations along with the color schemes which are vibrant and unique layouts or patterns.

The later years advancement in the technological field have led to the smarter websites being rolled out by the new website designers and machine learning is something which has helped the further development of shifting of paradigms and interaction of subtitles. Also the web design trends in 2019 will be witnessing the 2 sides of the same coin technology & aesthetics which come in handy these days.

Below are the compilation of the influencing web trends for 2019. However this never ever meant that the final words on the lucrative innovation. As there is one thing that cannot be taken for granted in 2019 it is the last and final chance for the web designers to mark themselves for the decade.

The 10 web designs that is going to take down the web design scenario by a storm

1. Thumb-friendly navigation

2. Micro-interactions

3. Even more video content

4. Minimalism

5. Diversity

6. Natural, organic shapes

7. Chabot’s evolve

8. Glitch art

9. on Screen Serifs

10. Black & White platelets

1. The thumb friendly navigation.

As we all are aware that the world is moving at a crazy speed towards the mobile developments have bypassed the desktop but all over is transforming quickly into a much thumb friendly thing to deal with. Rather in comparison with the large desktops and the complicated and lengthy process which is demanded by the desktop web designs. It is seen as the most significant discoveries which was written Clark with the Book named Designing for Touch in which he testifies what is the method of holding the handheld devices and the movements, especially the movements by the thumb should be looked up very closely when it comes to web design procedure. And this is possibly going to be at its verge in the foreseeable future to steer the navigation by thumb.

2. Micro-Interactions

The term micro-interactions can be explained as the occurrences with a motive or aim to look after to astonish the user and intricate a happening which will be human and inviting. So any time and at every occurrence when the minute step is taken on an application or website and there is a predetermined revert to that which is also known as micro-interaction. It can also be further elaborated as the mini or tiny notifications which could be seen whenever you login the social media pages or web applications or even on mobile phones.

The most essential use of it has been the mini red indication on them which shows that there is either a

1. New message

2. New notification

3. New request

4. New interaction over some post

These were the sole purpose of the micro interactions being implemented but as we are speaking it is just a matter of time that the web pages will soon. But it will be seen that there will be an intense spin of rich features with the help of the interactive modifications. Scrolling and hover animations, chimes and various page sound and visual effects and so on. All together it is a great way to include the audience and get them engaged in the site to smoothly flow the information to the page or site visitors with respect to the usage and actions and create web pages that seem a bit cleverer.

3. More and more of video content

There is no need of a why more video content is needed which tells you more about the webpage, blog more about it. The video content not only helps in the expansion of explaining the video but also provides a ready-made audience or target segment which runs short on time on understanding what all is in the respective web page.

The Google has made a first step towards the blended results which features videos and text content throughout the web page. This results into the web developers to highlight to pay more attention crafting video in order to be more visible and furnish with the content which is more than enough in a shareable manner.

4. Minimalism

The fact is undeniable that the conventional and most trending web design trends, being concise is the way to go. The lesser components and content on a webpage, the few readers and website visitors will show up it will make visible the desired content the website visitors will be looking for.

Being concise or in other words being precise and short on providing the content to influence the virtual realm in 2019. Fade-in effects and animations which have led the transformation of scrolling much more easily and engaging which makes the user free to move in and around the webpage. Therefore eliminating the distractions.

5. Diversity

More frequently the people miss out on the fact that internet has always been coupled with a pair of significant word i.e. “World Wide.” The web bridges tons of people from all around the world which being from numerous cultures, age, abilities, gender- the masses are the ones who wish to see themselves mirrored with respect to content rather than trying to get them engaged them with pictures.

Sometimes even small contribution of the history have come a long way in convincing people in every particular aspect of life who are greeted in the brand’s digital realm. The 2019 is about to witness enhanced standards for accessibility to socially alert and an image which depicts being diverse. The world has still got a lot more than that to witness than what have been seen till date.

6. Natural, organic shapes

With the help of the web pages which are more typically configured for well-arranged designers and grids which have started to move towards the generic smooth lines and natural shapes. The arithmetic forms like triangles, squares and rectangles with the edgy corners to intricate a sense solidity, but in 2019 fads are more worried about the comfort and accessibility.

That is because the generic forms are more asymmetrical and inaccurate as they can furnish with the in depth layout which helps the web page and its components to stand out amongst the hundreds others. The main objective here is for the web layouts to sense a bit more human and lively with the help of the moments that is concerned with illusion.

7. Evolution of Chat-bots

The Chabot have been in the game for quite a long while now and is expected to be in the run for a quite longer period but is going to be in the highlights in 2019. This is because of the timely advancements in machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) which helps them move towards being more efficient and clever.

The latest chat-bots will be even more visible on the new pages with more and more improvements which we have witnessed in the past. Vibrant colors will help them be more and more eminently on the site and more engaging. A prediction can be made that there will be an overflow of mascots which work just fine with brands and will be more and more compatible and providing the bots a personal face.

8. Glitch art

The trends will no longer exist without a touch of a classical layout which marks itself on the most webpages. When talking about glitch art it is a result of retro concept gone haywire on the moments when it messed up a frame or an image when a slightly slow dial up connection results is crossing the image.

Glitches can be explained as something important in our present day when computers are at their verge of development. We are very much afraid of bypassing anything that comes in its way, but even we are aware that we are helpless without its use. Therefore the specialization of technology which makes it a more engaging content to look upon when coming up with a concept and layout which is to be implemented. It is a weird but futuristic moment that we are breathing in and there is no absurdity where it is going to halt. The glitch art magnifies the feeling of bewilderment by providing web-pages a clearly astonishing appearance.

9. On-Screen Serifs

We all are very much aware of the serifs print and sans serifs for superb screen appearance. On the contrary sans is known for the clarity and clear readability which is still on its move to become more and more enhanced day by day. While talking about Sans Serif with rich readability feature for a longer run towards the more and more brands which is keen to move on the rich aspects of their layouts such as call outs and headers. There is obviously a very good reason for this serifs are crafted and amending the precision for emphasis.

However the serifs are often related to the past, they have tons of character and are more compatible than what one might come up with.

10. Black & White platelets

What is the most significant element on a website? If your answer is color, then you are right. It helps the web developer to come up with a website with a web design which helps in elevating mood, makes a brand more unique and helps the users with help of an easy to use interface by indicating visual standards. As in 2019 what we are seeing here and there is a thriving white and black web design trends making some distinguishing statements.

Color is nothing but a medium of how we see the world with the help of light which is absorbed. In the absence of color we witness the world in a weird manner which is nowadays in the trends of web designs being rolled out which is even clearer and world is something remarkably slower. White is something which is very clear and talking about black is something which makes things very detailed when coupled with white. This helps the website a more engaging look which is adored more these days.


While concluding this post, the trends is a matter of time. So for the last 20-30 years the people have got something or the other to say about the design trends. Feel free to pick from the trends that may be best compatible with the company by discussing with the best website development company in Vadodara to enhance the brand values. If the designer chooses to opt for any trend which may be very advantageous for being impactful and more effective. However this coming year is to be the decade in which web design and most recent layouts could have shown up by the web designers these days. However there are some updates on the latest web design trends which will be rolled out pretty soon. It is hard to get a read on what is waiting up ahead with terms of design trends. So 2019 is something which will be looked up with great expectations which will bring a whole lot to improve the web design and revamp the trends this year.

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