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Top most PHP Frameworks for MNCs and Startups in 2019

Top most PHP Frameworks for MNCs and Startups in 2019


Over the years PHP has experienced an incredible jump as a very ideal computer programming language nearly in a decade.

This is because the outstanding way of handling complicated web applications much more securely and at a much comparative lightning speed.

Despite of the fact that the sites were fabricated taking in consideration the PHP frameworks.

These are highly receptive to making do with the most extreme business requirements and more flexible.

However, the backstage development of a framework based on PHP is way too secure and is highly scalable and very incontinent to manage and maintain.

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Therefore the PHP along with the various types of frameworks which will definitely going to snag the attention of the huge count different line of work in the year 2019.

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So if you are looking for the best web designing company in Vadodara we will help you out to choose from so as which company should be given a chance and which web development PHP framework will suit you the best.

The recent scenarios

With respect to the contemporary reports and surveys that were rolled out based on the PHP frameworks it clearly acknowledges that in the year 2019 is going to experience some major frameworks pull more and more populace on the web development frameworks.

On the internet there are some of the most recent stats that tell more and more about the PHP frameworks wherein Laravel successfully snags the best out of best and stands as the first in line.

But talking about the best Code igniter and Symphony were never left behind with their constant endeavours in web development.

Therefore a person whenever confused when determining which may be the best PHP web developers who are proficient and certified well enough is some really that is going to be a hard decision for the business owners who want to do something different  than what others are doing at the moment.

In Order to get that done even smoothly, it is very important to run a check on attributes like experience and work history etc before hiring them.

Here in this blog we will be going through the topmost 15 PHP frameworks for the new startups in 2019.

Also we will help you out on which is the best web development company in Vadodara

that could help you in determining what others are providing in comparison to what we will provide you with.

The TOP PHP Frameworks: Web Development Frameworks

After doing an intensive and careful analysis at ValueCoders what we have here for you as the ideal 15 web development frameworks which can easily take care of the process from start to end are as follows:-

1. Laravel Web Development Framework

At the moment Laravel is one of the most renowned web development PHP framework which is being considered by the majority of the businesses in order to intricate rich web applications.

It’s one of the most ideal web development frameworks which falls first in the list for reliable routing and a handful innovative attributes for web development.

The rich featured web development framework also is incorporated with relative PHP or simple and lightweight tempting.

It also furnishes a solid foundation and base work for the majority of the complex web applications and its development.

A handful of the advantages of using the Laravel Web Development Framework is as follows

  1. Endless migration for data.
  2. High-end security layers
  3. Incredible mechanism incorporation.
  4. A smart mechanism which overloads the web server in the least.
  5. Extensive web developer forum.

2. Symfony

Symfony is a highly scalable and dependable PHP framework which makes it one of the best PHP framework for web development.

It is also a web development framework which helps in quick generation and design of complex web apps.

It also sports a much more convenient maintenance of a website. It also furnishes the user with the benefits for operations like

  1. Translation
  2. Templating
  3. Form Configuration
  4. Validator

Hence making it one of the highly feature rich PHP frameworks in the list.

In comparison with Laravel, it is hard to say which one is way better as they have some common and unique attributes and renowned web development frameworks.

The humongous advantages of Symfony are as follows:-

  1. Quick Development
  2. Support for longer term in web development
  3. Convenience in maintaining.
  4. Enriched security
  5. Highly flexible
  6. Assured reliability.

3. Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is a very popular and simple PHP web development framework which comes packed with almost all features which is now improved for better functionality.

It is really simple to understand and furnishes its users with tons and tons of virtual training sessions.

The USP of this framework is the object focused programming and designing consistency.

The Advantages of the Zend framework is as follows:-

  1. Liberate or open source network
  2. Multifunctional in nature
  3. Quick development for complex web applications
  4. Highly receptive and flexible architecture
  5. Rich in productivity
  6. A firm support with an acknowledgement and support by over 300 contributors

4. Cake PHP

The Cake PHP web development framework is one of the most practical to start learning at the moment.

It is better known as a PHP CRUD (create, read, update and delete) web development framework.

On the contrary, it is one of the best attributes that CakePHP sports as of now.

The other well-famed feature of this framework is e-mail, security, session cookie, handling complex and multiple requests.

The advantages of using the CakePHP is as follows:-

  1. Flexible
  2. Easier to operate and code
  3. Cost efficient solution
  4. Convenient Administration of Data
  5. Unbelievable compatibility
  6. Open source network

5. Codeigniter

Another popular yet efficient PHP web development framework which became even better with the 2.2.6 update.

One of the biggest reason for it being preferred by the most is the way it simplifies documentation.

A handful of the prime attributes which helps Codeigniter to be a powerful framework is no need for any configuration, no need of monolithic libraries, works fine with standard hosting, zero coding restrictions, no need of template language etc.

Other major features may include

  1. Convenient to use.
  2. Open source network
  3. Highly flexible.
  4. Outstanding performance.
  5. Highly secure and user-friendly.
  6. Highly customizable and compatible with configurations.


What makes PHALCON the extensively used PHP web development framework for creating web applications is its speed.

And is seen as the most quickest ones in the segment. It is quick because it utilises comparatively lesser memory and the timeframe to process each request is something unbelievable when compared with the numerous other web development PHP frameworks.

7. Yii Framework

This insubstantial PHP framework is famous for its convenient installation procedure which easily can be manipulated to the furthest extent.

In the Yii framework  teh PHP combines itself with the Codeception which is another renowned testing framework web application.

It however in the end authorizes the user for quick development of complex web applications which helps in speedy testing.

Having a great idea for developing an interactive website?

Allow Yii developers from Value coders a forum, community for the startups and specialists and SMEs.


The FAT-FREE web development PHP framework is known for being the most practical and insubstantial and highly preferred amongst the web developers for developing a simple or an complex website with feature web applications.

It only weighs a mere 50KB and is seen as one of the most flimsy PHP frameworks in the era. The main attributes of the FAT-FREE are

  1. Support for multiple languages in one single web application
  2. It acts as an URL router
  3. Acts an cache engine for generating a forceful network

This framework consists of an extensive range of powerful plugins, a forceful queue library and an incredible ORM, effortless routing and a more practical and convenient layered authentication for improved security.

The other thing about this framework is that it is crafted using the Symfony elements.


The KOHANA web development framework was designed while keeping the PHP OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and furnishes the web developer with the numerous benefits such as

  1. Safeguarding from Vulnerability
  2. Automatic class loading
  3. Abstracts
  4. Overloading
  5. Singletons
  6. Interfaces

Therefore this flimsy PHP framework which sports a PHP version 5.0 or the more recent versions which recently was rolled over by KOAHANA.Inc


It is seen as one of the frameworks which is considered as the acme of PHP frameworks as written in the PHP version 5.3 version.

It takes into consideration while performing various process and functions a very attractive and appealing cascading effect which we see in ppt’s.

The prime benefits of using it are

  1. Effortless deployment
  2. Deployment of H<MVC
  3. A clever mechanism for URL routing
  4. Complex actions like form and data validation can be done more easily visibility safeguarding
  5. A smart mechanism for caching.


The flight web development framework is compact yet forceful structure which is quite docile as well.

Also the best part about this PHP framework is that it is very easy to learn and can be learnt in a short span of time and also very convenient to use.

The other thing is that it will not work very well with extensive web applications as is something very insubstantial and a whole lot of a simple web development PHP.


This network structure is based on Doctrine and Symfony. The incredible framework is compatible for numerous sort of projects irrespective of it being a big or small one.

The incredible framework  furnishes its users to be incorporated with Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome

  1. A mechanism that supports module studio
  2. Document generator galleries
  3. A platform which is open sources and is free to use4. The useful network structure comes packed with a much more receptive theme


The PHP PIXIE is an incredible web development framework which was found in 2012 with the objective of an elite performance for the websites which were of read-only nature.

PHP pixie as compared with other web development frameworks is new to the segment. Similar to Fuelphp it makes use of the HMVC web design pattern and was created using the elements which are independent. Also these components can be used without depending upon the framework and is cent percent examined before grabbing the least dependencies.

14. SLIM

In a tough rundown while looking out for a network’s structure which allows a user to write practical and forceful web applications in no time and generate application programming interfaces (APIs). All welcome the SLIM which is a compact network-based structure for developing web applications and complex websites which could surely without fail handle complicated and multiple page requests all this at once. This all is done and is possible with it being compact yet forceful unlike any other web development PHP framework.

It therefore is completely fine when working with smaller web applications which are tough to take care of wherein an entire PHP network structure is not what is being asked for. Apart from that it is being taken into consideration by the skilled and distinguished web developers for a full stack development of a website or in some cases a complicated web application. Can be particularly used for creating powerful APIs and web services. However comes packed with numerous features like

1. Client-side HTTP caching

2. Cookie and session encryption and encoding

3. URL routing.

15. Li3

Here the PHP web development framework utilizes namespaces to intricate a forceful plug-in planning.  Talking about components of the PHP network structure the framework can be switched as and when required. Lithium can bounce back not only on JSON and numerous file formats for similar actions that generate templates booming productivity in most cases. It takes care of “type” key in the route which authorizes the user to give rise to numerous reverts with extensive variety of content. This is however very useful and can be comfortable to take into use as far as possible if someone is aware of all the in and out of web development. This integrated with the closures and therefore turns it into a more robust network structure/ web development PHP framework for creating an effortless API and complex web applications.

16. Nette

Nette is a free to use PHP application for developing a website and feature-rich applications which is parted under the MIIT authority. It is nothing more than a compilation of powerful elements which construct the entire framework and is rated as the 3rd most renowned web development PHP in the global stand. It successfully puts forward the additional emphasis on clean code, productivity and security.


As we have seen that we have prepared a checklist of the most dependable PHP frameworks that is sure to cater to the need of most business to attain in 2019. The most ideal thing about the above-acknowledged PHP frameworks is the future proof and features a huge number of attributes which eventually make them capable of being listed amongst the best of the best. So we will make the decision easy for you so as to go with which PHP framework as being the best web designing company in Vadodara.

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