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The Trials and Tribulations of hiring a Website Developer

The Trials and Tribulations of hiring a Website Developer

What is a web developer and web Development?


Web development is the activity which is concerned with the development of a website for the world wide web or private networks. Development of web can span by developing a single page of just plain text content and web apps for e-businesses of social media networks. The more tasks which a web developer endeavours is

  • web content development e-network security
  • web engineering
  • client liaison
  • web design
  • web server
  • configuration
  • client-side/server-side
  • E-commerce development scripting




Website development is thriving at a high pace. User interfaces which are improved make it user-friendly. Whenever it is about creating an efficient website which meets the requirements, it takes a few things that need close consideration. People are anxious to come across various features of product cost, appearance and feel and worth every penny. To realize little more details visitors may head to businesses site, mobile applications and social media giants. Hence this is a significant factor to be considered when interacting and reverting to customers. This can be done only with a modern web design.


User observation

Let us take this a decade back. the internet was something very different as compared with the contemporary web. And at that point in time, there was nothing like smartphones. Convenience and customer-centric web apps come up with a high bar of assumptions. In some cases the compact UI components that have the potential to create a colossal crash. In the age of smartphones, the websites should be very receptive enough on compact mobile screens. If the web apps are annoying it may baffle the users. Other than that it is challenging to prolong customers loyalty for the website.


The ability of website steering is a factor which is ignored on a frequent basis by developers. Instinctual navigation generates a rich user observation. Instinctual navigation may lead the masses to the info they are after without fail.  However the navigation being instinctual, the visiting guests can come across accurate information. Information which they are after, hereby generating a perfect experience averting them to avoid competitors webpage.


Let’s see where the trials and tribulations cross the web developers way in developing a website. Also where they should pay attention are as follows


  1. Expandability

Being elastic is never concerned with production neither it is concerned with making a good use of calculating power and transmission capacity. Expandability is concerned about the burden stabilizing among the servers, therefore whenever the lord is about to get hiked, secondary servers can be included to stabilize it. It is not advisable to impose all the burden on a single server. The software should be developed and designed with such efficiency that it should be able to get along fine with numerous servers. Service-centric layout likely supports the expansion in a situation where servers are to be added. The Service-oriented architecture provides with the pliability to transform easily. The SOA is a layout wherein elements of apps extend services to various other components. With the medium of communication restrictions, normally over a network grid.


  1. Performance

In the most basic terms, the modern websites quickness has a great significance for an accomplished website. A business which is on the internet has a great value of every second that passes by. Web apps which are slow moving are not acceptable. Therefore the visitors escape the site which impacts the revenue at a greater extent along the goodwill.. A handful of the performance hurdles are inappropriately scribbled codes. mangled databases which makes a mess when the data compiles one after the other. A CDN can be explained as the worldwide parted network grid of proxy servers which is implemented to multiple servers.


  1. Understanding the framework and manifesto

The network structure is where the network begins functioning for the first time. The framework for the development of languages they improve the performance, provide coding libraries. This enhances capabilities, so this enables the user to not start with coding right from scratch. The framework has the characteristics of models, snippets, APIs and other components to enlarge web apps which are dynamic in nature. A handful of the framework has a firm concept to improvisation and are customizable. Platforms which offer client libraries are produced based upon the existing networks structures which are mandatory to develop a website or app.


A new feature can be included with the help of API. Small business owners and Developers are supposed to have a transparency in the understanding of company demands concerned with a website and apps development. Content delivery and vulnerability of a site need a simple yet powerful platform like WordPress or Wix. However, the trade of a commodity online needs an e-commerce juncture. While an individual picks the precise platform, hence ensuring to observe closely the technicalities of a learning curve, price estimation and customization alternatives and analysis.



  1. Reliability

The midpoint of layout and user observation, web application security is ignored. This is the reason why it becomes less reliable. However, the security should be given the first preference through the entire development maturation. This applies especially when the application is trying to get along the critical information like contact details, payment info and credential information which should be secured first hand. In reality, there are tons of factors which needs consideration when it is about developing a website. For instance rejection of service threats, phishing, shell injection, cross-site duplication, malfunctioning of data, session hijacking, over buffering and SQL injection. Therefore this means that the website whenever coded needs to be protected against the security threats


The above-mentioned pointers are the perfect depiction of web designer job description



Web development is knowingly tough as it includes attaining an end product which is supposed to be tempting. This means that the brand which is built should be contemporarily up to date in the technical attribute. Along with the appropriate visuals, precise web development will be able to reach a saturation level but in time. From the above post, we can understand how to be a web designer and that too one, who is proficient in his work.

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