The Digital Marketing Lifestyle

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How to manage Work/Life Balance, Finances and more for digital marketing and web workers?

What you want from life and how your online business fits into this?
Do you want a purely passive income that allows you to travel
and forget work? Or are you happy to work hard indefinitely, as long as it’s on a topic that you enjoy?

More importantly, how much money do you need to live? What are your personal aspirations?
How much time will it take you to earn that money?
What are the different variables you can manipulate to get the lifestyle you want?



We have covered all the topics, situations and considerations you may come across while choosing this lifestyle.

At the same time, consider what you need to get your internet marketing business off the ground. With all that in mind, you can then work out how much money you need to earn and make sure that you do that every day. Be strict and leave time for yourself and for your passion projects.


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