A guide to building a Website with WordPress

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An introduction to WordPress and its assortment
of features and plugins.

Currently, websites are the revamped versions of yellowpages. Whether you want to find a business, a job, a person or even do some shopping sitting at home, websites are definitely your first go to place.

Now here’s the truth, a good website doesn’t come cheap. Most people bleed their wallets in the process of making sure their websites look great and work great as well, the costs at times are so discouraging, the idea of getting a website created becomes a nightmare for some people.


Each chapter in this ebook will give you a clear conception of WordPress, how it works and why today it stands as one of the most popular CRM tools available. At the end of the read, you’ll also have a basic level of practical, hands on experience with free WordPress features and will be able to create your first website.

I dedicate this book to everyone who’s been thriving to get their website up all these years and also to those who already know a lot about the platform yet is keen to know more and improvise. Kudos!


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