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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, I'm a full stack website developer & I specialize in developing In-website sales funnels. Are you aware of what this is? - Yes - How do you track your website visitors? When did you last update your website? - No - These are a number of website traffic engagement functionalities integrated together on a website to help you to track your website visitors, then engage with them in multiple ways to help you convert more and the best thing is you pay me after the work is done not before.

If you are interested I am can share the link of a webinar I hosted earlier, but Before I do, I have few questions to make sure you can benefit from the same.
Does loosing out your website visitors to your local competitors really bother you? - No - Why not?
Is generating appointments or leads from your website a priority for you? No - Would you be rather focusing on online marketing than fixing your website? - Well then you will be loosing on both the ends and your competitors will actually benefit from your marketing efforts.
How soon would you like to get your website's engagement fixed?

Would you like to help you take an informed decision by sharing a webinar I hosted earlier on this topic, This webinar will give you insight about how an In-website sales funnel works and you can request for the proposal by filling out the feedback form.

Consider this you have an office without any doors or windows nor do you have any staff just a post box hanging on the wall. So anyone coming and visiting your office will be able to check your office but you won't be able to know who is visiting and why. Right now if your website is like that, then you need to change it by adding the required automation required to make it your 24/7 online office in action.

Calling Script

Hello, I am Bhishma Chatterjee and was visiting your google my business profile and checking out your website and wanted to congratulate you for having designed such a beautiful well laid out website.........

However, I was curious to ask you something with your kind permission.

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