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Frequently Asked Questions

It converts your website from an online visiting card to a lead generation machine. You will be able to track who is visiting your website and engage them with popups and email marketing until they get converted. Our ebook comes with a complete detailed guide on how the sales funnel works, features list, lead generation process with examples, growth chart and a case study of one of our client's for whom this sales funnel increased their business to over 600% in one year..

While downloading the e-book you may also choose to get a free website audit done for your website which I highly recommend to find out what features will make your website better and improve at lead generation.

We are happy to help you with SEO/Social Media Marketing/Paid promotion but even for those activities the user will be landing on your website's landing page and hence its very important to fix your website's landing pages with the required automation through our In-website sales funnel before your marketing efforts bring in more visitors to your website.

Consider this you have an office without any doors or windows nor do you have any staff just a post box hanging on the wall. So anyone coming and visiting your office will be able to check your office but you won't be able to know who is visiting and why. Right now if your website is like that, then you need to change it by adding the required automation required to make it your 24/7 online office in action.

Calling Script

Sir, मैं Chattertools से कॉल कर रहा हूं, हमारा Web Development Agency है Vadodara मैं और हम Website मेन Sales Funnel बनवाके देते हैं।

Sir, ये e-book download करने के बाद आपको एक प्रश्नावली मिलेगी जहां आप अपनी website के sales funnel requirements के details भर सकते हैं जिसके बाद हम आपको proposal भेजेंगे।


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Chattertools is a unique Website Development and Branding Agency dedicated to optimizing your Website visibility and overall branding Solutions.

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