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New WordPress vulnerabilities discovered

New WordPress vulnerabilities discovered

WordPress has come up with updates in order to fix multiple vulnerabilities. It is too good to be true that these vulnerabilities have existed since version 3.7. If in case you are using 5.0 then it is highly recommended to update to WordPress 5.0.1. Alternatively, if you are using the 4th version update it to 4.9. 9. When you are using this update feature, there are chances to have compatible issues associated which plugins or themes. Instead of being hacked it is better to face these issues.

WordPress Vulnerable?

As soon as you discover WordPress vulnerability it is assured that it has 99.99% patch is already there. This means that it has some sort of minor versions of your favorite CMS, WordPress. In fact, the WordPress is truly secured only if you keep it up to date. It is given essentially to know that about the plugins, as well as the themes, often lead to the cause of hacking a WordPress website. When there are a few techniques that will help in identifying whether your website is vulnerable or not. Some of the most common WordPress Vulnerabilities include,

  • Authenticated Post Type Bypass
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) that could affect plugins
  • Authenticated File Delete
  • PHP Object Injection via Meta Data
  • Authenticated Cross-Site Scripting(XSS)
  • File Upload to XSS on Apache Web Servers
  • User Activation Screen Search Engine Indexing

What is the version of WordPress that gets affected and how to solve?

All the mentioned vulnerabilities equally affect the WordPress 3, 4, and 5. Therefore the users are highly recommended to upgrade to the next version such as a 4.9.9 or 5.0.1. The latest versions are said to be the best ways to fix the bugs. It is essential to upgrade immediately. Most of the WordPress sites are updated automatically. Therefore it is essential to check whether your WordPress has been updated or not. Updating your wordpress is very easy as you just need to go to the wordpress dashboard and them you find and update option just click on it.

Most common WordPress vulnerability

  • Outdated Software

This is one of the vulnerabilities which is common, especially when you are running the old version of WordPress with plugins and themes. Then there are maximum chances to come across unknown exploits. You can either update or install the latest version of WordPress. But it is never suggested to keep updated software. You can even make use for iThemes Security Pro WordPress which will enable you to update the old version. If you automatically update then there are maximum chances to get critical security patches which will protect your site against WordPress security vulnerabilities.

  • Poor Hosting

All the web hosts are not equally made, therefore it is essential to select the best one. On the other hand, preferring on price can end up increasing the cost of installation along with some security issues.  Even though the shared hosting is secured but still they cannot exactly separate users accounts. Therefore, your host must be ready to accept the latest security patches along with essential Western security best practices that fall in this category. It is even good to select a reputed host for your website along with solid security background. So if you can find the best WordPress post with better hosting then there are fewer chances for your WordPress to encounter with vulnerability.

Never installing software from unknown source

Always install the software trusted sources only. While doing so, you should install for only plantains and things associated with the wordPress.  WordPress.org is the most trusted platform from where you can install the software or you can even choose any other reputed developers as well. Moreover you should completely keep yourself away from the “nulled” version since they contain malicious code.

  • WordPress Login

Your WordPress login is often affected by the vulnerabilities since it is the best way to access the admin page. In order to exploit get WordPress the make use of brute force attacks. This is nothing but a way to correct this user as well as password combination that is used by the people to access to your website. This could be one of the most effective causes and this will never limit the number of logins attempts mail by unauthorized access.

Making use of iThemes Security Pro you can limit the number of the mountains is thereby putting a check to this issue. Limiting the number of login attempts can be one of the primary processes in WordPress brute force protection.

  • PHP Exploits

The PHP code is also encountered with WordPress security vulnerabilities. In order to gain access people make use of exploiting the PHP code. Sometimes it is difficult to minimize by limiting exploit opportunities. You should completely delete or uninstall the unnecessary plugins as well as themes associated with WordPress. This will have ever enable in unity the number of access points that are included with the executable code on your website. It is even advised to keep yourself away from abandoned WordPress plugins as they may even cause vulnerabilities. If in case if there are any plugins installed in the WordPress site automatically without any notification then you should never consider them without knowing them in detail. If there is any plummeting without any update, it is a high alert that it has been abandoned.

Are Vulnerabilities bad?

The issue of vulnerability in WordPress should be considered a serious issue. If you are still using an obsolete version of WordPress then you are more likely to be attacked by the hackers. Therefore, it is essential to take immediate action against this type of vulnerabilities. In fact, there are many ways to overcome the vulnerabilities where you can follow any of the methods given provided.      

Finally, as soon as you find any sort of WordPress vulnerabilities you are said to take serious action against it. Security is an everyday work and you should care about it.

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