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Let’s understand the new features that have been introduced in WordPress 5.0

Let’s understand the new features that have been introduced in WordPress 5.0


In the last decade everyone has witnessed a huge number of changes all around. Basically in every field changes have occurred. All these changes are on the account of this thing called technology.Technology is one of those things which has changed our lives completely. These days we all have become reliant on technology that we cannot think of staying one day without internet. Such is the scenario these days.

The most important point to note here is technology is very vast and still a lot of research is going on. Experts around the world are working on neural networks these days. Such significant steppingstones  humans have stepped on so far.

What is Website building?

Gone are the days when you had to rely on pure coding for website building. The time today is of WordPress. WordPress was started in 2003. So WordPress is basically an open source website Creation tool. Suppose you want to build anew website. What you need to do is to just go to WordPress and search themes related to the type of website you want to build. In few seconds there will be large number of themes in front of you. This is how WordPress works.

There are so many lovers of WordPress all around the world. It is Crystal clear from the fact that it has become the most powerful open source content management system in the website building industry. The good news for WordPress lovers is WordPress 5.0 version is coming up and one can expect a lot of things from this version on the account of new versions of WordPress. There will be a lot of new features in WordPress 5.0 version and its become more easy to design a website for website designers.. So just sit back and stay with us as we will discuss all these new features.

So let’s discuss some important features of WordPress 5.0 with chattertools.com the best website agency in Vadodara.

A little more needed to know about WordPress 5.0

Right before shifting from the WordPress older version to the WordPress 5.0 let us pay a little attention to what’s written below

  1. Generate a backup right before the update, as once done cannot be reversed
  2. The new update that rolled from the WordPress is able to crash some themes
  3. A user needs to adjust or find a different method to get the themes and plugins running
  4. The transformation to Gutenberg is not a piece of cake, hold on for it.
  5. WordPress  is going to restore anything and almost everything with the support of blocks.
  6. The WordPress latest update can be responsible to bring about a change on not only themes but even plugins too.
  7. It is suggested not to re-equip to the latest WordPress update 5.0 instantly. It is recommended to hold for a couple of months.

What WordPress focuses on?

1. A few improvements to the Rest API of WordPress: The WordPress Rest API has successfully been of a great help while creating tons and tons of integrated sites hence creating a wonderful browsing experience. While on the contrary WordPress authorizes the user to generate a feature wise rich product by making it more comfortable to send and pull data from the desired website. The update concentrates extensively on convenient application by accepting it as a basic framework.

2.Generating a theme has now become a bit more easy with the new update of WordPress 5.0: Abiding a user’s requirement needs as it is the fundamental base to drag all the vital essentials together and create a blissful web surfing experience over the site. On top of the release of the latest Gutenberg attribute wrapped in the WordPress application. Hence making it possible to create a much more acceptable concept with respect to the blocks.

3.Creating a customized theme has now become very easy:With the passing years it is observed a user needs a fundamental knowledge to bring together everything in a simple WordPress theme. As with the release the Gutenberg the blueprinting a theme has become convenient as credit is channeled to blocks.

4.Slight relevance can be lost by the page builder:Nevertheless there are countless thrilling page-builder tool which a user sees as a considerable option for the WordPress. As it is among one of the major rival platforms the Gutenberg is not the first choice for generating an acceptable result so as to skip the audience from getting or encounter into a factor to lose relevance.

What is most expected from the latest update?

The most recent update that rolled over from the WordPress averted the slow but steady transformations which is significant.In between all of the stupendous before said block-based editor which can be taken into consideration right before any action taken. Nevertheless the most recent update from the WordPress has crossed a mile marker to the method, the update has been rolled over. To be precise, manipulating the updates which is to be passed on for the masses to take into consideration. This can be well elaborated as the administering mechanism which plans out the utmost 2 updates annually as it is decorated with tons of minor ones in time being. On the brighter side there was a news that featured that the WordPress declared that they will be moving out from the timed update model. The catch is that they wish to provide the customer with the most recent update from time to time. A sit also releases the pressure from the development and research team. So whenever they discover any issue, bug or lag on the WordPress application, they will try to overcome the same. Hence the WordPress will be shifting to the significant dates which fall in the already planned time band.

Besides that there are a few of humongous modifications which make the WordPress 5.0 an upgrade which thrills and keeps the segmented audience engaged

The conglomerate concentrates on perfection and usability on the other hand as it is seen as top-rated application in its line of business. It is chosen the most widely and commonly used application for the target audience. While on the other hand improving the WordPress website generating ability. The entire team focuses on retaining the market share in comparison of the countless flocked website developers.

The only decision to be made. Is it a go or no go?

Moving to a present-day update of any application is a determination which is to taken as soon as a few tests are done. The giants or the MNCs are most probably disinclined to enhanced to a more contemporary version and carry on to function on earlier ones as they are satisfied with the performance. The latest version of WordPress 5.0 will be backed with the intense security overhaul and bug fixtures and on the other hand re-equipping the website to the present day version of application is not much, but it is what is presently available to overcome the lags and bugs, if any.

An individual on the brighter side can avert from using Gutenberg by installing the conventional editor plugin. It automatically authorizes a user on the WordPress 5.0. Hence an editor should not go affix with the pessimist bandwagon at least once trying hand with the editor for oneself. A user under any circumstances if is more convenient while using the page builders, in such a scenario a user may stick to some decoration while working similarly relevant to Gutenberg. Let us enlist a few pointers which needs to be brought to light once before making a big jump to the Gutenberg

  1. The urge for customer support team as well as the probabilities of something that might possibly go wrong are quite on a high elevation.
  2. A user may get himself well versed with the clients requirements in case they are taking care of the clients and prospect clients
  3. This is because they take care of cater the content section of the website
  4. A user needs to run a check on Gutenberg on each and every site as the user are hovering over all of them and administering the multiple sites at the very same time.
  5. WordPress when being considered for a personal blog where the chief process is scribbling(writing), opting for Gutenberg will be really good choice
  6. Al soon the other hand a user needs to run a check on determining various factors.
  7. These factors may mainly comprise of a site which is to be used on an entire activity on the website is a process which almost anyone needs to get over with.
  8. A user needs to ensure that before landing a decision which is subjected on determining on what is the most ideal for the site and the clients are not exposed to the reviews

So here are the new features of WordPress 5.0 version.

  • Gutenberg editor

The most special thing about WordPress 5.0 is that it comes with a completely fresh and new editor Gutenberg. It allows the WordPress users to make wonderful layouts using the content blocks.

The thing is that the previous version editor was a very simple one. The only way to add images, galleries, short codes and other content elements was to use different approaches.

However in this version things are changed for better writing experience where content element is wrapped in a block.

It also comes by default with a number of block to add those content elements which were used by a lot of people. So these are specialties for this new editor Gutenberg editor.

Surely people are liking it and it is one of the major changes in WordPress 5.0. One cannot skip this editor feature of WordPress 5.0.

  • Security changes

Surely all of the people working on the internet are concerned about their security issues. Majority of the people are concerned about website security. Things like security are taken into view in this new version. Security features like hosting websites with SSL certificates and application passwords are already introduced. Surely in the newer version of the feature related to website security will be introduced.

These things will make work easy for the people working on WordPress.

  • Block features

In the new version of WordPress you can create and reuse blocks. This is really important for those people who want to add things with the same style or content in their website. One can save these things as reusable blocks and can use them later when needed.

If you want to use this feature then you just need to simple edit a block to make it reusable.

  • Using older version

If you still want to edit your content which us posted earlier using older version of WordPress them there are no problems.

Even if you want to edit your previously posted content then you can do it without any hiccups.

  • New default WordPress theme

The new version of WordPress which is 5.0 comes with a new default theme which is namely twenty nineteen. It is a new reliable and versatile theme to start building website or start a new blog.

This new theme comes with a clear canvas which is having minimal distraction and the main thing is that this theme is completely compatible with the new Gutenberg editor.

  • Themes and plugins

The most important thing about this new version is that its new editor is compatible with every possible theme and plugins. There are no major troubles which the most important plugins. Almost all the important themes and plugins are compatible with this new editor.

  • Mobile compatibility

The mobile experience of this new version of WordPress is also going to be better. Making mobile experience better and also making websites responsive is the priority of this new version of WordPress.

  • Crop background image

In the new version of WordPress 5.0 we will have the chance to crop the image before other goes live on the website.


So these are the most important new features which come in WordPress 5.0. Things are becoming more easy to increase the efficiency of person running the website. All the new features have some kind of significance. So design you website with chattertools.com the best website designer in Vadodara to make your business online.

We have tried to note down all the new features. We might have missed some of the but the most important ones are noted and discussed by us. So take a look at them and understand them to make your experience better of new version of WordPress.

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  2. I was very pleased to discover this page. I wanted to thank you for your time due to this wonderful read!!
    I definitely enjoyed every part of it and i also have you bookmarked to check
    out new things on your site. http://izmirotogarotokiralama.com

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