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Internet is the game-changer nowadays. Over 462 million people in India are using the Internet. 90% of the purchase decision is influenced by SEO and Social Media. We help businesses from different industries like food, fashion, manufacturers, sports, agriculture, etc. We provide effective and strategic planning of Digital Marketing activities.

Our digital marketing strategy focuses on the overall Brand development which is a long term process that incorporates the online strategical development of a business. A well structured and planned business strategy affects the overall growth of the Brand. It is connected to your users needs, aspirations, and their feedback to improve upon the overall delivery.

Business growth is measured according to the user’s behavior and demand for your service/product. We help you to develop and design an effective strategy that binds your customers to you and brings on new clientele. We also perform regular Competitor research and update you with your market scenario to help you defeat tough marketing challenges.

Return on investment is pursuance measure that highlights profit and investment ratio. Less investment with high-profit rate is always a favorable condition for any business. Digital Marketing makes it effectively possible to generate a higher ROI that justify the investments in campaigns and other activities.

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Email Marketing

It has become very important to initiate a dialogue between your subscribers and clients as early as possible and keep on updating and informing them through Email drip campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the perfect way to create brand awareness of your business. Social Media platforms act as a trust-building bridge between user and business. It provides two-way communication to get the review and reply to your consumers.


SEO helps you to rank high on Search Engine Result Page. As per a recent study when your business achieves a higher place on search results, your business grows by 30% automatically.

Pay Per Click

As per market research in 2019, 63% of online searches say that they click on the advertisement which gives them proper information about their search. PPC is a lucrative and highly controlled marketing strategy to gain a spot on any search engine.

Digital Marketing Questionnaire

This questionnaire helps us to design the best Digital Marketing Strategy for your Brand.

The decision maker. Kindly comment based on their age, gender, background, mindset, problem, goals, what matters to them etc.

Frequently asked questions

Consumers are turning to the internet because of the increased use of Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops having easy internet facilities. Consumers search for shops, stores, sales, and compare products and rates online before making any purchase. Digital Marketing is the process of advertising your business over the Internet.

Every business has a different targeted audience and different goals. So, every business need is different. Your business should use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. according to your targeted audience and business type.

Ranking your page on a search engine is Search Engine Optimization. SEO takes a long time from 3 months to 11 months but gives tremendous benefits for a long time. Time to rank any business depends upon the position of your competitors, market strategies and activities of your competitors.

Once we’ve performed thorough Keyword analysis to spot your most profitable keywords we’ll build daily changes to your campaign. These changes embody adding further keywords, excluding negative keywords that won’t convert, refine landing pages, ad schedule, and demographic targeting.

You and your staff should utilize your expertise in the field which you have experience. We have experience, knowledge, and access to resources of Digital Marketing. So, let our professionals handle your social media activities. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Our clients say

  • “Bhishma has a knack to understand the project and your business with a digital marketer’s perspective.”

    Suhas Puntambekar

    Suhas Puntambekar

    Financial Consultant, Loan on Click
  • “I am immensely satisfied with the design elements put in the website at proper intervals.”

    nupur desai

    Nupur Desai

    Software Consultant, , Ostech Labs Pvt. Ltd.
  • “They did an excellent job with my Website beyond my expectations, and always providing prompt service whenever needed. I would highly recommend Chattertools.”

    mukesh mishra

    Mukesh Mishra

    Managing Director, Serve Chem Group Inc.

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