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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we generate leads only after your order is placed hence it is custom generated based on your specific request so the leads are delivered only to you and never resell the leads to anyone

If the lead criteria does not match the lead specifications given by you or the lead details are incorrect then we immediately replace the leads

We usually take 24 hours to deliver 5 leads, hence if you are ordering 10 leads it would take 48 working hours to deliver the leads

You can currently order 10 at ₹ 1900 Discount, or can order more than 10 at flat 30% Discount over the minimum price of ₹ 3450 per 5 leads.

5 Leads

  • Exclusive to you
  • Generated within 24 hours
  • Replacement Available
  • Project customization
  • 24/7 support

10 Leads

6900 5000
  • ₹ 1,900 Discount Offer
  • Exclusive to you
  • Generated within 48 hours
  • Replacements available
  • Project customization
  • 24/7 support

₹1900 Discount Offer!

Email us for a ₹1900 Discount Coupon Code to order 10 Digital Marketing Leads EXCLUSIVE to you as we never RESELL any leads once sold.

Converting these Projects

We don't just sell you exclusive leads but go the extra mile to make sure you generate business as well

1) Send "A great opening email & Portfolio" to the customer, within 1-2 hours, we shared the "Project Leads" with you; to get faster response.
2) Mention that you can work in USA & UK hours too.
3) Describe in-detail, the various steps/Milestones of completing the task/project with pricing (if required); and do mention "we will reduce the cost, if any steps mentioned are not executed".
4) Quote a price ranging from $30 to $50/hour or Weekly or Flat or Fixed rates. You decide on that.
5) Tie-up/Partner with UK or USA based companies / freelancers and mention on your website, that you have office in UK/USA (with address or Telephone number)
6) How to get UK/USA number from India? visit :
7) Use (Forever Free) for sending email to your clients. So you get to know, whether your email was opened or not.
8) To setup office in USA :

1) After you had sent the first mail, with all the contents, follow the steps mentioned below
2) Two days once send a reminder to client, by clicking "Reply all" button (retain the subject line, sent in first mail)

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I`m not getting any response from your end.
you are requested to respond at the earliest out of your busy schedule, so that we could serve you with better services.

3) You need to send 2-3 emails/week. (This is to show your Hungry/Seriousness for business)

Please contact the client on Phone & LinkedIn also, so they recall you/your company top of their mind (to show aggressive / hunger / seriousness for business)

•The highest average iOS app developer hourly rate – $150 (North America), the lowest – $30 (India)
•The highest average Android app developer hourly rate – $168 (North America), the lowest – $26 (India)

An hour rate app developers charge in different countries directly correlates with a local state of economy. Among six regions, developers in North America charge the most – $150 an hour, with a price range from $10 to $250 an hour. On the cheapest end is India, with an average price range is only $30 an hour and a price range from $10 to $77 an hour.

North America tops other regions for an Android app development pricing as well, with $168 an hour on average, which is higher than iOS average pricing. The difference in pricing between these can be explained by the fact that Android developers need to test apps for a greater number of different size screens and it tends to increase app development cost. The lowest end of Android app development pricing holds India as well, with a slightly lower average pricing, which is only $26 an hour.

In UK they charge $70/hour for both Android & iOS development (Android is heavily favoured over iOS in India.)

Dear Mr."First Name",

Greetings from everyone at "Your company name". Trust you are doing well today.

Am writing this email to let you know my intention to help you develop the android app which is in the pipeline. We are an IT company with a multi-skilled strong team delivering websites and mobile applications across the world. We support UK & US working hours too. Our pricing is flexible and quality is truly world class. All our projects are managed by trained professionals.

Below are couple of the apps which we have developed for my clients:
(Insert the links here)

Kindly let me know if we can have a skype call and discuss the requirement further. Look forward for your response!

Best Wishes,

Your Name
Your Email ID
Your Skype ID
Your contact #

Dear Sir,

I see there is your requirement for specialized WordPress Developer. I want to introduce ourselves. We are a UK based company having development center in India. Furthermore we are working from last 14 years and have delivered so many small/big successful projects globally. Since we have vast expertise on your requirement, please have a look at our work portfolio : Click Here

Just to make sure I don’t waste your time, we are looking for remote contract to work on your requirement where you can hire dedicated developer from us.

What you will get while working with me-
- Open to work as per USA & UK time zone.
- The code quality we maintain is the best in industry.
- We work agile environment.
- Our Hourly rate starts with USD 30 only.

Moreover, you can opt for Try & Start service where you can test our developer work for a week at free of cost and if you like our quality then you may continue working with us. I believe it’s a win-win situation for you, Kindly let me know if your calendar is open to discuss about your requirement in this week

Best Regards,

Your Name
Your Email ID
Your Skype ID
Your contact #

Hello David,

[I usually customize the below paragraph for client]

I see there is an opening for an iOS developer with hardware integration experience and wanted to introduce myself, since I have experience integrating several hardware projects with iOS, via Bluetooth and custom hardware SDKs.

I'm a native iOS developer and I've done work for clients like Nike, Fannie Mae, Neutrogena, VMWare, Bayer, and dozens of startups. I’ve launched several dozen complex iOS apps for both App Store and enterprise, which have collectively grown to many millions of active users.

[This is a link to a page on my site with some projects, but you could link directly to your projects here]

[You could skip this paragraph, it’s here to “pre-qualify” them]

Just to make sure I don’t waste your time, I am looking for remote contract iOS engagements, and I typically work on a flat project rate with a minimum of $xx,xxx, and most projects in the $xx,xxx - xx,xxx range. If the scope is undefined or the project is open-ended, I’m open to a weekly rate of $x,xxx as well.

[I find Calendly more convenient for me, but you could also suggest two specific times]

The next step would be to jump on a quick call to discuss the project and see if we’re a good fit; let me know if any of these times work for you:


Your Name
Your Email ID
Your Skype ID
Your contact #

1) Keep your emails short, just a paragraph or two
2) As quickly as possible, include a credibility indicator if you have one [Credibility indicators could be name brand clients you’ve worked for (or even that you were employed at), any stats about financials or growth you’ve helped your clients achieve, awards you’ve won, etc.]
3) Include 2-3 links to your best-looking work, ideally relevant to what they do [Notice I said your best-looking work. If you built a website that is amazing under the hood but looks like crap due to factors beyond your control, DO NOT INCLUDE IT. Even technical people are very biased towards liking things with good design.]
4) Customize the first half of the email so it’s clear you read and understood their post
5) Don’t include any rate info to start (start including if you get too many lowball responses) [Reasonable people can disagree, but the default for these emails you send out is going to be no response. I like to skip rate info if I’m not getting many responses to see if that’s what is preventing people from emailing me. Then if I’m getting too many responses from people who want to pay peanuts, I’ll start including again to weed those out.]
6) Close with a couple specific suggested times for a followup call. Make it easy for them.

Still Struggling to convert

Chattertools Top skilled Telesales professionals will reach out to your leads. We will follow up with all the leads and also leave voicemails until we are able to initiate a response from them. 

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I'm usually grossed out by fakes, but these guys are legit! It even fits my nifty hat and red hair. Try them, why do I care?
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