AI Applications in Digital Marketing to Improve Your Brand

Digital marketing is the need of the hour for any company that wishes to remain competitive. The amount of time consumers spend on the internet speaks volumes about why digital marketing has gained importance in the last decade. Here are a few applications of artificial intelligence that you should keep in mind while promoting your brand online:


In an era where online users spend less than five seconds for a page to open, do you think they have time to wait for minutes on a call just to get information about a product or service? No, they won’t! That’s why chatbots are special. With their automatic responses, they can provide the details that potential customers want. They use machine learning and pre-installed answers to deliver information swiftly. So, if you are going to buy digital products and want more information about them to compare their benefits, you can chat with the chatbot instead of calling the customer care team of the respective websites.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the popular digital marketing methods to reach new customers. AI can analyze millions of customer data to determine what the best time is to send an email so that they won’t delete it without reading. Moreover, AI allows you to personalize your email marketing campaigns. Emails to repeat customers won’t be the same as the ones you send to new customers.

Content curation

AI is responsible for creating the content of many digital marketing campaigns. It is also useful in content curation that makes personalized recommendations according to what users are buying. For example, you will often see things like “people who buy this phone also buy that screen guard” or other similar recommendations. The accuracy of these choices is incredible. That’s where AI creates magic so that multiple brands can coexist without competing.

Social media advertising

Social media marketing is an area that has adapted to artificial intelligence successfully. Google ad platforms and Facebook ads are using AI to understand the interests of potential customers to place the ads accordingly. That’s why a user who is searching for t-shirts will never get an ad on their timeline about makeup kits. This is the accuracy that AI brings to social media marketing. There are also services that use machine learning to optimize and handle such ads for better viewership.

There is no doubt that AI will continue to play a significant role in digital marketing. The sooner you use this technology, the quicker your brand will grow.

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